Friday, 28 October 2016

My weekly workouts

Today I've decided to talk to you about one of my favourite things in the whole wide world, which is by no doubt working out! I know autumn is the time to get cozy under a blanket and it's definitely another fave thing to do during this season, as I mentionet in my 5 fave autumnal things post. I could definitely spend a good few hours just doing nothing without guilt. But the reality remains that you need to exercise and I'm certain we all know why.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

I'm 27...what next? A bucket list and other personal ponders

I turned 27 yesterday. Next year I'll be 27, again. And after that.. oh yeah, 27. Isn't this the age, when you magically stop getting older? Not to mention the dangerousness of the age..if I were a rock star that is. You could call this an age crisis post, which I of course don't have. 30 is still far away. Isn't it?!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

5 Fave Autumnal Things

I bet many of us can agree, when I say autumn is beautiful and definitely needed. If you ask me autumn should just continue until it's spring again. Who needs winter and -20 degrees in their lives? That would obvisouly be ecologically messed up, so in all honesty, I'm very glad we still have a season we can gladly call winter with all that snow. That being here, up north, where I live. But autumn is amazing. I feel like spring and summer are the seasons to get up, go and do, but autumn is all about relaxing, getting cosy and pampering, which in my opinion sounds just perfect. Listing just five things I like about this season, was honestly blooming hard work haha, there are so many things I could have mentioned, but these are definitely my faves and they are in no particular order.

Friday, 23 September 2016

New season, new hair, new me!


Well hasn't it been a while. How are you all? Are you all excited about autumn? Because oh boy, I am!
I feel like no explanations of why I haven't posted are needed, I've kind of been on about it a lot before, so check out my older posts and youtube channel if you're new here and want to know more. :) What's important is that I'm back now, full of ideas and energy. Believe me, every day I was away from my blog, I missed it. And what made me want to come back so bad was you guys <3 Thank you for all the kind messages, tweets and e-mails you have sent me. I love you all so so much <3

So here we go, let's get on with todays post! I actually wanted to come and chat to you about my new look, because I recently went to the hairdressers and had a bit of snippedy snip happen. I was super nervous about it, because usually, when I seldom go to the hairdressers I come back home quite upset. Once I, with my very long hair, asked the hair dresser to cut it short but not so short that I couldn't have it all up in a pony tail. Well guess what happened... I left the place in tears. Another time, about a year ago, I was again about to cut my hair from very long to shorter. I sat into the scary hairdressers chair and before I had the chance to express what I wanted, the hairdresser said, that surely I didn't want to cut my lovely long hair shorter. Well, no, not after that comment haha. So I left the hairdressers with no change at all and felt like I had wasted my time.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Swing Workout Video

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post. Gosh... As I mentioned in that latest post of mine, I have a new job and because we're not getting the keys to our new apartment until the second week of September, me and my hubby are living at my parents house during the weeks. And we've been spending the weekends at our own flat in Turku mainly packing. So life has seriously been happening. But I promise I have been thinking of you chickpea babes every single day <3 I just haven't really had the energy to blog. But I'm hoping it will all get easier as I get into the routine more and more. 

My parents live in a small village. It's not too far away from the great facilites of Helsinki and Espoo, but for a quick workout, the gyms are kind of too far away. And that inspired me to think of a workout which you could do at home (or at the playground if you wish) without getting your hands too dirty! I called it the swing workout, because the only equipment I used was an actual swing in the garden. Fresh air, toning and fun there anything better?

You could choose to either read this post to learn more about the workout or scroll down and watch my video for a real time workout. Obviously doing both is allowed too :)
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