Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What's in my gym bag?

This is obviously not everything that I usually have in my gym bag. But to be honest with you, I took this picture after running for 40 mins and the rest of the items were just...well, sweaty. I also usually carry with me the usual stuf such as my keys and calendar. But I feel like I should include them in a "what's in my bag" -post (or video?) rather than in this one. So here are a couple of essentials, which I had with me today. 

My Nike Airmax training shoes are just the best. They aren't the prettiest, but I love the airy part on the heel and would recommend these if you like to go to classes, where you have to jump a lot. 

I have gym gloves. I know there are a lot of opinions out there on wether you should  use these or not. But I like them and so I shall continue wearing them. They are by a brand called Energetics, and I'm not sure if you can get these is the UK?

A banana box! This is so useful even if you don't go to the gym. After finding a squished banana in my bag, I just had to get one of these. 

And finally my water bottle. Very basic Nike. Handy, because you only need to squeeze it a little to get water out of it. No caps or corks included.

And that is it. I hope you have had a great day and that tomorrow is as nice. 

Emma xxx

Kuvassa ei valitettavasti ole kaikkea mitä urheilukassistani löytyy. Sinne saattaa usein eksyä myös esimerkiksi kalenteri ja avaimet jne, mutta minusta ne kuuluvat yleisemmän laukun sisällön esittelyyn. 
Kenkäni ovat Niken Airmaxit ja suosittelen niitä erityisesti jumpassa kävijöille. Ja sisällä juokseville kuntoilijoille. Minulla on myös salihanskat. Tiedän, että ne ovat vähän kiistanalaiset ja että ne jakavat mielipiteitä. Mutta minusta niiden kanssa on mukavempi touhuta salilla enkä pidä niitä vain sen vuoksi, että näyttäisin uskottavammalta. En näytä sellaiselta kuitenkaan :D 
Banaanikotelo on niin hyödyllinen. Opin tämän kantapään kautta, kun löysin kerran liiskaantuneen banaanin laukustani. Hyhhyh. Vesipullo on myös tietysti tärkeä, kun on liikkumassa. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

March favourites

March is coming to an end and personally I can't wait for April. Because hopefully that will mean warmer days. Although March has actually been an alright month for me. I visited London, I tried new things and met new people. And ofcourse I started this blog! Yes, March has been cool.

I picked a couple of my favourite beauty products, which I have used constantly this month.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the mascara by Lancome. The packaging is cute, the brush is awesome and the actual product stays very well. I think I paid about 30€ for this, which I think is quite a lot for a mascara. But it does work wonders.

I have heard people rave about the Rimmel Wake Me Up -foundation and concealer for so long. We don't get them in Finland and so when I got to London, I had to get these two. I have them both in the shade Ivory. They are so good. A person a know from uni actually complimented on my skin the other day and I was wearing these two. The actual words she used were "I can't handle it, you have such perfect skin". I have to thank the wake me up -products for this. Rimmel, please bring these products to Finland soon!

Gimme Brow by Benefit has been my saviour. I am rubbish at doing my brows. I just feel like they could go so wrong. But Gimme Brow is so easy to use. The best brow product I have ever used!

In the future, I might like to point out also other than beauty products in my favourites-posts. How would you feel about that? Do random things interest you?

Emma xxx

Valitsin neljä lempikauneustuotettani maaliskuulta. Käytin näitä tuoteita ihan koko ajan maaliskuussa ja varmasti käytän jatkossakin. 
Lancomen ripsiväri oli vähän normaalia kalliimpi ostos, mutta se toimii niin hyvin! Rimmelin wake me up -tuotteet ovat niin parhaita! Yksi tuttuni yliopistolta itseasiassa kehui ihoani kauniisti yhtenä päivänä. Ja minun täytyy sanoa, että se kaikki oli näiden kahden tuotteen ansiota. Rimmel, voisitko tuoda nämä tuotteet pian Suomeenkin? Täällä tarvitaan niitä :) Benefitin Gimme Brow on ehkä maailman helpoin kulmakarva-tuote. Olen tosi ujo tekemään mitään kulmilleni, koska mielestäni ne voivat mennä niin helposti pilalle. Gimme Brow on todellinen pelastus minun kaltaisilleni jänishousuille! :D

FOTD: pink lips

It's raining today. Which is why I wanted to cheer the mood with some very pinkish lipstick or lip crayon to be precise. It's a Revlon Colourburst Matte balm in the shade 205.


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Aerial yoga & cookies

My relationship with yoga is basically a very short and unintensive one. At first, I didn't like it at all. The breathing was weird and stretching without warming up felt totally wrong. But once I tried it a couple of times, I began to get used to the breathing. And actually started enjoying and relaxing during the classes. The only problem nowadays is, I don't get to do yoga classes as often as I'd like to. 

Since I first heard about aerial yoga, I have wanted to try it. And today I did. It was pretty amazing and not hard at all. It wasn't very physical and you didn't get sweaty, but after the class I felt like I had grown two centimeters! I guess that's what hanging upside down does to you! If you ever get a chance to try aerial yoga, I very much recommend it. 

After yoga, I was a bit energetic and decided to bake some double-chocolate-chip cookies.

Now I shall watch a movie and enjoy my evening off. 

Emma xxx

Kokeilin tänään ensimmäistä kertaa ilmajoogaa. Olen halunnut testata sitä siitä asti kun kuulin ilmajoogasta ensimmäisen kerran. Olin todella innoissani, kun vihdoin ehdin sitä kokeilemaan. Ja tunti olikin todella mukava! Se ei ollut lainkaan liian vaikeaa eikä siellä tullut hiki. Se lähinnä rentoutti ja tunnin loputtua tuntui myös siltä kuin olisi kasvanut pari senttiä pituutta. Ehkä ylösalaisin roikkumaan vähän venyttää tuota rankaa :D Kivaa oli ja suosittelen ehdottomasti kokeilemaan!

Tunnin jälkeen leivoin tuplasuklaa keksejä ja nyt ajattelin katsoa leffan. 

The Voice of Finland

Good morning everybody! I hope your weekend has started well. I've certainly had a wonderful time so far by doing things I normally wouldn't do. My usual weekend consists of a lot of sitting in front of my laptop, work and being lazy. But this weekend, although it's only Saturday morning, I have already been to a concert and done some yoga. And I must say, I feel great! 

I got tickets to the Voice of Finland as a gift. They film it every Friday about 500 meters away from  mine & my fiancee's flat and still we have never before been there. Hence the short distance, we were almost late because we were planning on arriving at half past seven. So I started doing my makeup and hair at about quarter to seven. But at seven o'clock E (let's just call him that for the time being) noticed, that the latest arrival time was actually quarter past seven. So basically I just left my makeup as it was at the moment and swung my hair half up and then we ran to the venue. That wasn't exactly very enjoyable. But the concert was and I think there are a couple of amazing singers in that competition. I definitely have my favorites! 

Enjoy your day everybody!

Emma xxx

Tähän mennessä viikonloppuni on ollut oikein nautinnollinen. Olen tehnyt asioita, joita en yleensä tee. Normaalisti kun istun paljon tietokoneen äärellä, teen töitä ja olen vain yleisesti laiska. Mutta vaikka on vasta lauantai-aamupäivä olen jo ehtinyt käymään konsertissa ja jooga-tunnilla. 
The Voice of Finland:n jokeinen tuotantokausi on kuvattu Turun Logomossa, joka sijaitsee n. 500 metrin etäisyydellä kotoamme. Silti, emme ole koskaan siellä olleet. Nyt saimme liput lahjaksi. Meinasimme myöhästyä kun huomasimme vasta klo 19, että paikalla pitää olla 19.15. Jäi vähän meikit ja hiustenlaitto kesken. Konsertti oli joka tapauksessa aivan mahtava kokemus ja kilpailussa on kyllä mukana todella taitavia laulajia. Löysin ehdottomasti omatkin lempparini! ;) 

Hauskaa päivää kaikille! 

Friday, 27 March 2015

OOTD & FOTD: coral

Yesterday I felt very cheerful and decided to wear a couple of new things, which I purchased on my last trip to London. As I was going out for dinner, I also wanted to wear a red lipstick.

I especially love the corally sheer top. It has little white ribbons on it and it's just so cute. My ribbon-necklace went quite well with it. I decided to be fairly brave also, because it was the first that I wore high waisted jeans to a public place. I know they've been a thing for quite some time now, but I have been living under the impression that they don't suit me. But I might have to admit in being very wrong there. Necklace, shirt and jeans are from Primark.
I went very basic on the eyes as I wanted the spotlight to be clearly on the lips. My lipstick is a Isadora Perfect Moisture Lipstick in the shade 167 "Rio Fever". 

I would also like to point out the restaurant we had dinner at. It's called Blanko and they make the best ever lamb pasta with a pesto sauce and rucola. I very much enjoyed my dessert too: vanilla pannacotta with caramel sauce and lingonberries. 

If you ever visit Turku, I highly recommend you eat here!

Tonight I'm going to go to a Voice of Finland -concert because my lovely friends from uni wanted to give me and my fiancee tickets as an early wedding gift. It was so nice of them! And now I shall start getting ready for that. 

What are you doing tonight? 

Emma xxx

Eilen laitoin päälle paljon uusia asioita. Toppini oli korallinen ja huuliin laitoin myös samansävyistä huulipunaa. Käytin ensimmäistä kertaa elämässäni korkea vyötäröisiä farkkuja julkisella paikalla. Ajattelin ennen, etteivät sellaiset sovi minulle, mutta taisin olla kovin väärässä. Ainakin viihdyin niissä älyttömän hyvin! 
Jos koskaan vierailette Turussa, suosittelen ehdottomasti syömään Blankossa. He tekevät ehkä maailman parasta lammaspastaa pestokastikkeella. Eikä vaniljapannacottani kinuskilla ja puolukoillakaan ollut todellakaan mikään huono valinta. Päinvastoin. 
Tänään menemme kihlattuni kanssa katsomaan livenä Voice of Finland:a, koska rakkaat opiskelukaverimme halusivat antaa meille pre-häälahjana liput sinne. Ihanaa, kiitos niin paljon heille! 

Mitäs te teette tänään? 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mini haul: hair & shower products

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a bit of shopping at Stockmann's (Finland's biggest department store). They have this huge sale going on and so I decided to pay a visit along with every other person in this city.

I managed to purchase four objects: a shampoo, a conditioner, a shower gel and a hairbrush. 

Tigi's Bed Head Urban Andidotes Recovery shampoo and conditioner smell amazing. Especially the shampoo. It's a bit lemonish, and personally I love the smell of lemons. The conditioner is quite similar but with a bit more of a milky touch to it. Both do their job very well. In my opinion, they are normally a bit on the expensive side but as they were on sale now, I couldn't resist buying them. And also the bottles go very well with our bathroom :D

The Body Shop shower gels have been one of my favourites for so long. I have had mango, peach, moringa, coconut, strawberry and also some of their limited edition one's, such as the glazed apple from the latest Christmas collection. But never had I tried blueberry before. And after I used it last night, I have to say, I like it too. The only problem was that it made me want fresh blueberries!

And last but not least, I purchased the Tangle Teezer compact styler. I had been wanting it for some time because it is so much more handy to have in your handbag than the original one! I chose a black and golden one, because I thought it looked really cool. 

Tonight I'm going to eat outside with some friends from uni. The restaurant that we're going to serves super delicious meals and I'm super excited!

Have a lovely evening everybody!

Emma xxx

Kuten eilen mainitsin, ostin Hulluilta Päiviltä muutaman tuotteen. Mukaani lähti shampoo, hoitoaine, hiusharja sekä suihkugeeli. 
Tigin shampoo ja hoitoaine ovat mielestäni yleensä vähän kalliimman puoleisia, mutta nyt alennuksessa ne olivat ihan siedettävän hintaisia. Tykkään kuitenkin yleensä Tigin tuotteista ja ne tuoksuvat ihanalle! Näissäkin on sellainen vähän sitruunainen tuoksu. Kaiken lisäksi, kyseiset pullot sopivat loistavasti kylpyhuoneeseen, jossa on muitakin turkooseja yksityiskohtia :) 
Body Shopin suihkugeelejä minulla on ollut monia aikaisemminkin ja rakastan niitä ihan mielettömästi! Ne kaikki vaan tuoksuvat niin ihanalle. Mustikkaa en ollut aikaissemin mielestäni edes tuoksutellut. Mutta ihanahan sekin on! Ainoa huono puoli on, että sitä kun käyttää, alkaa tekemään mieli tuoreita mustikoita! 
Tangle Teezerin compact-mallia olin jo hetken miettinyt. Minulla on myös original-versio siitä, mutta se on vähän huono laittaa laukkuun, koska se takertuu kaikkeen. Compactissa on se kätevä suojus mukana ja sen voi huoletta heittää kassiin mukaan!
Tänään olen menossa ulos syömään opiskelukavereiden kanssa. Ihanaa iltaa kaikille!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

FOTD & OOTD: berry lips & statement necklace

Today I had one lecture at uni and after that I went to do a bit of shopping. I didn't buy much, but I will get back to the couple things, that I got, later on.

I never before used to use lipstick at all, but lately I have been loving it. I specifically like the darker shades, berryish being my favourite!

Lipstick: Revlon Colorstay Moisture stain "Parisian passion"

In terms of clothes, I felt I should wear something very basic. Does anybody else find it hard to dress when it's cold outside and you're going shopping to a store packed with people (=too hot!)? That is why I didn't do any layers today. Just basic stuff. I added the statement necklace (Primark) to make the outfit a bit more exciting.

How was your day?

Emma xxx

Tänään minulla oli yliopistolla yksi oppitunti ja sen jälkeen menin käymään hullareilla. En ostanut paljoa, mutta kerron myöhemmin, mitä kaappasin mukaani. Päivän asun ydinasiat olivat tänään marjaisen sävyinen huulilakka sekä statement-kaulakoru.

Well well well

Hi and welcome to my blog!

I'm so excited to start this. I have been writing my wedding blog for some months now and have found it very pleasant and fun. The only problem with wedding blogging is that at some point, very soon after the actual wedding, blogging will end. Since it's mostly all about writing down ideas for our wedding, I don't think I'll have enough to say about weddings in generalafter I've experienced my own.

And so here I am starting another blog. I've been planning this a couple of months but have been unsure of what to write about. Basically I just came to the conclusion of writing about anything I feel like writing of and I'm planning on keeping it mostly positive. But first of all, I'd like to introduce myself a bit better to you all. As a starter for this blog, here's a random  facts and favourites -post. :)






 Finland and UK



Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

London! And Brighton too!

Loving my mascara (Grandiôse by Lancôme) atm

Tangle teezer? Can you classify that as a product?

Primark. So sad we don't have it in Finland!

Essential question. I love so many of them: Frozen, Pocahontas, Wall-E...

Rihanna, Ellie Goulding

Toffee? Haha. Chinese is good. And lasagne


Spring <3

This is a bit weird, but after many years (probably 10?12?) I still remember something Malfoy said in a very old Harry Potter -game: "Well well Potter, we meet again. Having a tour of the castle are we? This is as far as you'll be going, you won't get past me, no matter how hard you try. Oh boohoo! Potter can't get out of the castle...". As an explanation for this, I can only say that I had to play this certain part of the game quite a few times before getting past Malfoy. It was so tough!

That being said, I think this will be enough for now. I'll get back to you in my next post. I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderful day!

Emma xxx

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