Monday, 30 March 2015

March favourites

March is coming to an end and personally I can't wait for April. Because hopefully that will mean warmer days. Although March has actually been an alright month for me. I visited London, I tried new things and met new people. And ofcourse I started this blog! Yes, March has been cool.

I picked a couple of my favourite beauty products, which I have used constantly this month.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the mascara by Lancome. The packaging is cute, the brush is awesome and the actual product stays very well. I think I paid about 30€ for this, which I think is quite a lot for a mascara. But it does work wonders.

I have heard people rave about the Rimmel Wake Me Up -foundation and concealer for so long. We don't get them in Finland and so when I got to London, I had to get these two. I have them both in the shade Ivory. They are so good. A person a know from uni actually complimented on my skin the other day and I was wearing these two. The actual words she used were "I can't handle it, you have such perfect skin". I have to thank the wake me up -products for this. Rimmel, please bring these products to Finland soon!

Gimme Brow by Benefit has been my saviour. I am rubbish at doing my brows. I just feel like they could go so wrong. But Gimme Brow is so easy to use. The best brow product I have ever used!

In the future, I might like to point out also other than beauty products in my favourites-posts. How would you feel about that? Do random things interest you?

Emma xxx

Valitsin neljä lempikauneustuotettani maaliskuulta. Käytin näitä tuoteita ihan koko ajan maaliskuussa ja varmasti käytän jatkossakin. 
Lancomen ripsiväri oli vähän normaalia kalliimpi ostos, mutta se toimii niin hyvin! Rimmelin wake me up -tuotteet ovat niin parhaita! Yksi tuttuni yliopistolta itseasiassa kehui ihoani kauniisti yhtenä päivänä. Ja minun täytyy sanoa, että se kaikki oli näiden kahden tuotteen ansiota. Rimmel, voisitko tuoda nämä tuotteet pian Suomeenkin? Täällä tarvitaan niitä :) Benefitin Gimme Brow on ehkä maailman helpoin kulmakarva-tuote. Olen tosi ujo tekemään mitään kulmilleni, koska mielestäni ne voivat mennä niin helposti pilalle. Gimme Brow on todellinen pelastus minun kaltaisilleni jänishousuille! :D

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