Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Now there's a new tag for you. And me! I decided to start a series in which I shall tell you more about the books I have read. And not like every book that I've ever read, but the books that I have read recently. I'll start with a crime fiction novel, which I finished last weekend. Oh, and no spoilers here!

The novel is called The Cuckoo's calling and it's written by J.K.Rowling (under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith). I got the book as a birthday present from my mum last autumn. And yes, I'm afraid it took me about six months to read it. 

The book was actually very entertaining. Not in a funny way but in the way that you can't put the book down. The reason why I read it for so long is that I had to read for a couple of exams aswell and usually I have to forget all other books while I'm doing that. I was so glad I finally had the time during Easter to finish this novel. 

In the book you get the usual private investigator hired by a man, whose sister had fallen of a balcony. Supposedly a suicide, but the brother believes it was a murder. And so the investigator starts interviewing everybody close to the sister and gets deeper and deeper into her world. And I didn't guess what the conclusion was until I actually read it.

Crime fiction novels are a bit irritating to me, because basically I just keep guessing whose done what the whole time I'm reading the story. But once I dive into the world properly, I also have to finish the story. 

If you like this sort of books, you should read this. And I think J.K. Rowling has done a great job here. 

Emma xxx

Ajattelin aloittaa uuden sarjan, jossa kerron kirjoista, joita olen lukenut. Sain nimittäin juuri pääsiäislomalla luettua yhden kirjan loppuun (ja sen lukeminen kesti aivan liian kauan, syytän tenttikirjoja). Aloitankin tämän sarjan salapoliisi romaanilla nimeltä Käen kutsu. Sen on kirjoittanut J.K. Rowling salanimellä Robert Galbraith. 
Kirja oli oikein mielenkiintonen ja vaikka minulla kesti kuutisen kuukautta lukea se, en olisi halunnut laskea kirjaa käsistäni. Mutta oli vain pakko. 
Jos pidät salapoliisitarinoista, kannattaa tämä ehdottomasti lukea. Minä en ainakaan arvannut lopputulosta ennen kuin itseasiassa luin sen. 


  1. Looking forward to this series! Great idea. I always have a hard time finding a book to read whenever I am at the book store - it is so overwhelming!

    1. Thanks Holly! :) I too am quite excited about it. I used to be a proper bookworm when I was younger. Maybe this will revive my hobby!


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