Sunday, 7 June 2015

A late night ramble

Good evening lovelies!

Today was my day off and so I did nothing. With the exception of doing my makeup and watching the world championships of aesthetic group gymnastics. I was so excited for Finland to win the championships for the first time in five years! Well done Minetit! If you have no idea what kind of a sport am I talking about, check this out:

I absolutely love gymnastics. I think it's so beautiful and at the same time so physical. AGG isn't the most international sport, but it's definitely growing all the time. 

I've also been sorting out the playlists for the wedding (which will be in threee weeeeks!!!omg!). Whilst practicing for my wedding makeup, I have noticed that I need a separate playlist for that. It will be played the whole morning, so it's probably going to be very chilled and happy. 

We then need a playlis for dinner. That playlist is full of lovey dovey songs and the feeling needs to be very chillaxed. We have, for example, some Bruno Mars, some Ellie Goulding and some Savage Garden.

And then we also have the ultimate party playlist with Rihanna, Flo Rida, Spice Girls and Sugababes.

I feel like I was very much in need of this day off. I felt so tired yesterday, after a very anxious night between Friday and Saturday. I kept waking up to the smallest sounds. I guess I'm a bit nervous about my hen do. I don't know how you do them in other countries, but in Finland the date of the party is usually kept as a secret for the bride. But no, my hen do wasn't yesterday, so I'll have to feel anxious again next weekend :D 

Now I shall retire to my bed. How do you like my pyjama bottoms btw? :D 

Good night everybody!

Emma xxx

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