Monday, 27 July 2015

New York

New York was absolutely amazing! I had never before visited the Big Apple but am very sure I'll go back someday. We stayed there for five days and tried to see as much as possible!
 If I had to pick my favourite place from all the places we visited I'd say Brooklyn Bridge or the High Line. Especially the the view from Brooklyn towards Downtown NYC was so gorgeous. I could probably have looked at it for some hours. And the High Line was just so pretty in the evening. I think we basically walked it from the very beginning right to the end of it. It had like benches to sit on everywhere and little fountains on the way and loads of beautiful plants. The parts of the old railway were also fascinating.

We stayed at the Element Times Square West Hotel and our stay there was very enjoyable. I think we stayed in four different hotels during our honeymoon and this was probably the best of those four. I cannot ofcourse compare my experience to other New York hotels, but the service was very nice, room was clean and we got just the room we had wished for (top floor). The staff also took into account that we were on our honeymoon and gave us a complimentary bottle of wine with a congrats-card.  The view from our room was breathtaking.The hotel isn't even close to the tallest building in NYC but on the 40th floor you can still see pretty much. From our window we could see the Empire State Building, Downtown, River Hudson etc. The location of the hotel was brilliant. We walked to many attractions, because we enjoy walking and you see more of the city that way but there was also a subway station like two blocks away. 

We visited many attractions such as the One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and ofcourse numerous shops. The American Museum of Natural History and One World Trade Center were definitely worth going inside as well but I think most attractions were at their best when looked from a bit further away. Like the Statue of Liberty: I don't quite see point of going inside it. It's not that tall and by going inside it you don't actually see the attraction itself. We went to see the statue from the Staten Island ferry (which btw is free!) and were more than happy with our view to the statue and Downtown too!


Shoppingwise I might have gone a bit crazy. Especially in Victoria's Secret, Sephora and Forever21. The other shops I visited included Macy's, Centrury21 (which I had high expectations on, but was fairly disappointed in), Saks, different drugstores, Tiffany's... and the list could go on forever. I was particularly happy when I found Topshop on 5th Avenue. To be honest, I haven't bought anything from Topshop in ages, but now that I found it in the US, I felt like I was back home and found loads of lovely clothes.

Restaurants were just about everywhere. We had breakfast at our hotel every morning but lunch and dinner were eaten at different locations. We ate the best burgers in a small restaurant near Columbus Circle but I sadly can't remember the name! We had read about Lombardi's in Little Italy and decided to visit. It was definitely worth it. The pizza was amazing although the extra meatballs were a bit of a wierd decision :D I mean, meatballs on a pizza...what? Oh, and while I'm talking about food, Minute Maid Lemonade was the best thing ever!

To recap, NYC is awesome and everybody should visit it once in their lifetime. I would definitely go back. Nothing of course beats London :D but New York got pretty close and that's saying something!

Emma xxx

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