Saturday, 8 August 2015

From Miami to Key West

The honeymoon continues! We drove from Orlando to Miami Beach. The journey took us about four hours. I had been wishing for a scenic view of Florida, but the roads had high bushes all around them, so I wasn't able to see much.

At Miami Beach we stayed in a hotel called the Kent Hotel. It was reasonably priced and the staff was alright. We were surprisingly taken foor a "tour" of the hotel and got to pick a room ourselves. I've never done that at a hotel before :D We chose a room with mirrors everywhere!

We didn't really spend too much time at Miami Beach. Instead we drove a lot while staying there: on the first day we drove to Sawgrass Mills shopping center and spent the whole day there. And the second we spent driving all the way down to Key West. I still have a haul to do, so I'll show you guys all the shopping that I got from Sawgrass Mills later on.

The drive from Miami to Key West takes about four hours if you drive straight on with no pauses. The drive itself is quite enjoyable with all the beaches and bridges on the way. But I would highly recommend you do a few stops, since the nature down there is sooooo beautiful!

Our first stop was at the Dolphin research center. For many years it has been a dream of mine to swim with dolphins and the honeymoon seemed like the perfect time for making that dream come true. The encounter was really pricy but for a good reason of course! It was totally worth it, but wouldn't probably do the excact same again, I'd rather swim with wild ones. But they are amazing and beautiful animals.

After the dolphins, we drove on to Bahia Honda state park. The beach there has been nominated as the most beautiful in the US many times. Those nominations were definitely earned for a reason! If you're anywhere close to this place, do stop by!

From Bahia Honda we drove directly to Key West. The town seemed really pretty and basically you could spend more than one evening here. We ate on the sunset boulevard, while watching the sun set to the Mexican Gulf. I ate Mahi mahi with mac and cheese.

The drive was honestly very nice and was again one of the highlights of our honeymoon. If I'd go again I would stop for a longer time to Key West and explore the town and surroundings more thoroughly!

Emma xxx


  1. YOu and your bf are such sweethearts!!

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