Monday, 17 August 2015

Motivation Monday

What keeps me motivated?

I like sports and fitness and working out. I've basically always been into it, if you don't take into account a year after high school... But as a child and teenager I did gymnastics day and night and when I grew older I found dancing and fitness classes. Now I instruct classes myself and study physical education. And even so, I still sometimes feel uninterested in doing workouts. I guess we all have those days. The trick is to just make yourself do the bl***y workout however untempting it feels at the moment.  =D You know you'll feel great after it (and actually the less you want to do the workout, the better you'll feel after it). But here are a couple of simple tricks, which get me going to the gym.

1. Plan your workout timetable in advance and write it down into your diary.

2. Have a goal and tell others about it. When you say it out loud, it becomes more real.

3. Have a training buddy. You don't necessarily always have to train together, because I know how difficult it is to fit schedules together, but sometimes is better than never! Group pressure is an amazing motivator. Fitness classes are so great exactly because of this.

4. Only move the way you like to move. I'm pretty sure there's a sport for all of us, and if you haven't found one that you enjoy, keep trying. I'd also advice to try very different things. For example, I tried cross country skiing a couple of years ago. I absolutely hated it as a kid and swore I'd never touch skis again. Of course, while we're in Finland, cross country skiing is a part of the physical education studies and so I had to wear those silly skis again. Guess what? I enjoyed it so much I had to buy a pair of skis myself. I'm still amazed by that....

I hope this helps you. It certainly reminded me I should wake up at 6.30am tomorrow morning for my workout. At the moment, I really want to do that too! :)

Have a wonderful week everybody.

Emma xxx



  1. Great tips! Nothing motivates me as much as my training buddy! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks, glad to hear you agree with them :) training buddies are so important!


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