Sunday, 9 August 2015

My wedding makeup tutorial

Yeeepeeerrssss I'm a bit nervous. 

So I recently got married (as you might have noticed if you've read all of my posts since I've probably mentioned it in most of them :D ). I did my wedding makeup myself which is why I thought I'd film me doing it just so that you guys could see what products I used and which ones worked for me. 

I'm not a trained makeup artist or anything like that. I'm just reaally interested in makeup and excited about it. I had a lot of practice before the wedding day and was very happy with the outcome. My makeup stayed on me the whole day and I didn't have to worry about it at all!

Enough rambling, here's my first ever makeup tutorial video, ENJOY! :) 

My TOP 3 advice for wedding makeup:

1. Wear waterproof makeup! You do not want to look like a panda on your wedding day.

2. Use a good primer. Even if you don't normally use one. 

3. Go for natural! You are going to want to look at you wedding photos later on in life and admire your wedding look. Not wonder who an earth is that and what is she wearing on her face?!

Täydenkuun Kuva

Emma xxx


  1. This is a really pretty make-up look! You're definitely brave to create your own make-up look yourself, for one of the most important days of your life.


    1. Thanks :) Some of my makeup artist friends said I was crazy doing my own makeup but I think I got so much more out of it by doing it myself! And I got it exactly the way I wanted it xx


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