Saturday, 29 August 2015

School Saturday

I can't believe it's actually the last weekend of August. How quickly do these months pass by nowadays? When I was younger, summers felt like they lasted ages and now they're gone within a blink on an eye. Anyway, that only means that there will be another favourites-post coming up fairly soon and that's always nice :)

But on to the actual subject. Now I'm going back to school (or university to be precise) for the last time. Which is why I wanted to do a school related video. I'm also looking for a new school bag at the moment, since it's my last chance of buying one. Any suggestions? 

Now onto the video. In the first part of it I reveal to you, what I carry around with me to school and in the second part I show you a really easy and simple makeup look: perfect for those early school mornings. 

I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know what you have to have with you at school!

Emma xxx


  1. Great video! I also hate how fast summer has gone by!

    1. Thanks Abigail :) It has gone by so fast I can't believe it! X


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