Thursday, 13 August 2015

ThrowbackThursday: Bahamas Cruise

Now that was easy. I've been having trouble with thinking of themes for Tuesdays and Thursdays. But that was just so simple I can not believe it. Silly me. Oh well...

The last part of our honeymoon was spent on a three night cruise to the Bahamas. We had heard so much positive feedback of these cruises that we were really tempted to go on one ourselves. I was looking forward especially to the unlimited food, ice cream and sunshine :D

 Our cruise was held by the Royal Caribbean and we sailed on the Majesty of the Seas, which is (if I've understood correctly) the company's oldest and smallest ship. We could definitely see the difference while we were at Nassau parked next to the Oasis of the Seas, which is like huuuoooge. But alas, the ship was nice and tidy, maybe a bit old style but we didn't mind.

The unlimited drinks were great. We got the second cheapest package for them, which included beer, wine, non-alcoholic cocktails. Eero was happy with his beer and I enjoyed my non-alcoholic cocktails. Especially the strawberry daiquiris! Food was alright, but maybe not quite what I was expecting. Breakfast and lunch were held as buffets and I donut know if it was the food or the warm weather but I just didn't enjoy them as much as I had thought I would. Dinner was totally a different matter. It was served at a fancy restaurant and it was so delicious!

Our first stop was at CocoCay, which is an island owned by the Royal Caribbean. Basically it's just an island full of beach and palm trees. It was really nice laying under the trees and when we went swimming we actually saw a ray fish! How cool is that. I have to admit I was kind of avoiding it with the other ladies in the water :D but anyway, really cool. But oh my gosh, those bird on that island were unbelievably annoying. We were served a barbecue lunch on the island and those birds would just attack your plate with all of their friends. They took my hot dog sausage :D didn't feel too hungry after that.

On the third day we stopped at Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas. It was just like I had always imagined a Caribbean city to be: colourful, cute buildings, and more palm trees everywhere :D It was very small though: basically one street. We got some frappuccinos from Starbucks, strolled along the street for a while and went back to the ship to enjoy the sun on the deck.

The only thing we bought on the cruise(or while on the cruise) was a magnet for our fridge door from Nassau, because we collect those from everywhere that we go. We did pay for the drinks package but other than that, we didn't need out purses with us at all.

As a recap, the cruise was a very relaxing experience. Although I think I'm happier on shore.

Emma xxx


  1. What a fun trip! It sounds so beautiful, with the colorful houses!

    1. Thanks Perla, it definitely was an amazing experience :) xx


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