Saturday, 1 August 2015

Universal Studios & Orlando

The honeymoon report continues... From New York we flew to Orlando. The flight was probably the most uncomfortable flight I have ever been on. Let's just say it was a bit bumpy. Once we arrived in Orlando, we picked up our car from the Budget desk. The car was a compact one, so we thought we were getting something similar to the one we have back at home with no back doors. But nope, this was twice the size. Compact clearly has a different meaning in Florida. 

I myself didn't actually drive because it was cheaper to insure only one driver. And to be honest, I'm quite happy sitting in the front seat and looking at the views. But from my point of view, driving seemed very easy and roads were in excellent condition. We did actually drive once on the wrong side of the road, but luckily it was in the middle of the night and nobody saw us... :D I'm not even sure how that happened since we drive on the same side of the road in Finland. It must have been the amount of lanes.

While in Orlando, we stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld -hotel. I liked it very much and would stay there again. We arrived there pretty late in the evening and had a bit of trouble finding a parking place. But other than that, everything was great. The room was nice (maybe a bit old style but I didn't mind that), the pool was wonderful and they clearly had loads of different activities there, such as yoga and movie quizes, but unfortunately we didn't have time to try them out. The restaurant had a yummy selection of different breakfast options. I would recommend you try the healthy start.. It was delicious!

Our only full day in Orlando was spent at Universal Studios. Until the very last day, we were pondering if we should go to Universal or Disney but ended up going to Universal because I had already been to DisneyLand Paris. And we really wanted to see the Harry Potter world!

Universal was definitely something very different compared to basic theme parks. Because it actually has a theme (or many) and not only rides, even queuing was alright. The Harry Potter world was very crowded, which is why we decided to visit it first. But otherwise I didn't think there were too many people.

At the beginning of the day we had tickets to the Islands of Adventure. We stayed there for about six hours, went through most of the rides and had lunch at Marvel Super Hero Island. I must say that  Hogsmead was definitely the best area and I couldn't believe my eyes when I first got there. I mean  I probably just walked everywhere with my mouth open and looked a bit silly. Even the smallest details were taken into account and it was just crazy. The Hogwards ride was the best in the whole park! I haven't been on such a scary and at the same time fun ride ever before! It's definitely worth seeing.

After seeing all the rides we wanted to see on the Island of Adventure, we decided to upgrade our tickets and go to the Universal Studios -park aswell. You can travel from park to park with the Hogwards express and when you arrive to the Studios you actually arrive at King's Cross station, just like in the books. And of course Diagon Alley is just behind the wall :)

I'm so glad we decided to upgrade our tickets. There was so much more to see! The best thing at the Studios might have been the Mummy ride. And the Transformers one of course! They also had the fireworks and a tribute film of all the movies they have ever made at the very end of the day and that was pretty nostalgic.

We didn't buy much. I wanted to buy a wand from Ollivander's but wasn't aloud to (Eero said I was being silly) :D But instead I bought  a pretty cool Marauder's map -t-shirt, which is has sun activation on it! Eero bought a cute Minion t-shirt. I'll show them to you in my becoming US haul post :)

The day we spent at Universal Studios was probably one of the best ones on our whole honeymoon. We had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves and were just amazed by everything. I don't know if anybody could not recommend this place. It's so worth visiting!

I think the parks are basically the thing in Orlando. Other than them, there's just roads. And in between roads there are a bunch of Walgreens. And Walmarts. And more parks. Myself and Eero wanted to see more than that. I highly recommend renting a car and exploring the surroundings if you have more than one or two days in the State. Because Florida was sooooo beautiful. One day was quite enough for us in Orlando this time. Although if you're traveling with children or a bigger group, you'll probably move slower and that being the case, stay for a bit longer :) 

Emma xxx


  1. looks like you had a great time!! also your daisy/striped top is so cute :P

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog

    1. Thanks Charlotte, we enjoyed that day very much. The top is from Topshop :)


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