Tuesday, 11 August 2015

#wellreadbook The Artificial Anatomy of Parks by Kat Gordon

In between these themed days (and because I couldn't think of a theme for Tuesday :D) I'l try to write "normal" posts too. So here's one of a novel I read recently.

I feel like I haven't read enough this summer. Usually I fill my summers with novels to read because I don't have school books to read and I love my hometown's library with it's section for English novels! They're in this old part of the library building and I could spend quite a long time there wondering between bookshelves. 

Kat Gordons novel The Artificial Anatomy of Parks was the first book I read this summer. I bought  it from Gatwick airport because the cover was pretty! Now there's one silly reason to buy a book. I'm sure it'll look lovely on my bookshelf though :D 

The novel itself was rather addictive and I read it really fast. The storyline jumps between a couple of different eras in the life of Tallulah Parks and keeps the reader interested with solving her nowadays problems by going through her past. The book is all about family and psychology and how much children need their parents to really be there for them.

It's a quick read so I really reccomend it for holiday reading or for a coupe of days off from work or school.

Emma xxx

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