Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wishlist Wednesday

I just can not help but talk about autumn. I like summer... but I just love autumn and being already so close...Nope, I can't stay quiet! :D Especially when most of my favourite shops have started to bring out their autumn ranges. I'm especially nuts about scarves and at the moment I'm craving for a monochrome, huooge one! And loads of other things... Which brings me back to the theme of the day: wishlist. Here's what I'd like to wear in the autumn.

The scarf. It's got to be oversized and warm. I just love to wrap one around myself during lectures at university because the auditoriums and lecture halls at our university can be quite cold. I'd like a monochrome one but I'm afraid I found loads of other coloured scarves aswell :D ooopsss....
Asos 24,89€

Asos 27.65 €

Asos 24.89€

I'd also love to wear a green parka this autumn. I can't even remember how many years I've been looking for one. They just go so well with basically everything. Asos do sell a very nice one at the moment....

A new school bag would be so cool. Since I'm starting my last year of university and it's probably my very last chance to do that school bag shopping, I'm really looking for a good one. I've been really attracted to some very basic black ones.

Asos 76.04€

Continuing with accesories, I'd love to have a floppy hat. I think they go so well with leather jackets and some skinny jeans. Oh I almost forgot...I don't have a leather jacket. Boohoo.

Asos 30.42€

These are just some of the things I'd like to wear this autumn. But I'm afraid my Asos (and Topshop, New Look and Zalando) shopping wishlist isn't this empty. So there are some serious decisions to be made :D

Have a lovely evening lovelies <3

Emma xxx


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