Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September favourites

My favourite time of the month is when it's time for favourite's! Ehehe... But seriously, I love looking back and thinking which things I have really been loving and using non-stop for the past month. This month you can choose from reading my post about my favorites or watching the video, which will be linked down at the very end of this post, I made of them. Or why not do both? But here we go, these are my September favourites:

I'm going to start traditionally with the beauty products.

Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

I first bought one and then had to get two other shades too. I loved these cream blushers instantly and have been wearing them daily. The shades I have are Soft Pink, Soft Murano and Soft Copper. I have probably used them all very evenly, but my latest number one shade is Soft Murano. It is such a gorgeous shade and looks so pretty with a natural look. Love it! Over all these blushers are really pigmented, they stay on all day and are really affordable.

Rimmel Magnif'eyes eyeshadow in Bronze Magnate

Have I already mentioned, that copper is one my favourite shades in the autumn time? Which is why this pretty little eyeshadow is just perfect at the moment. I've been using this to give a little something extra to my everyday makeup look but also on nights out. If you'd like to see me use this is either look, just let me know :)

The Body Shop Honey Bronze

This bronzer has been on me literally everyday. I have it in the shade matte medium, but I love it so much I'd like to try a lighter shade too. I use it solely for contouring, which it is perfect for since it's matte. Love love love!

Essie Chinchilly

Cool, taupe and long-lasting. Any more words needed? Essie never seems to fail.

The Body Shop Intensily Revitalising Facial Oil

I haven't had this product for too long yet but I already am hooked. The Body Shop recently brought out their Oils of Life collection and this product is part of it. It's a daily facial oil or serum and it reminds me very much of the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It has a similar aromatic scent and basically does the same job for a bit cheaper price. It's ment to be applied twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings, but I found it way too much in the morning. My face shined all the way out to space after I tried that :D But I love to apply it in the evenings, it makes my skin so soft and healthy looking.

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel

This isn't officially a beauty product, but I couldn't figure out any other category for it, so this will have to do. This bottle has been in my handbag everyday. Going back to uni and the weather getting colder are both signs of the flu season. And this year I decided not only to fight against it but also start early. Together with eating enough vitamins, the hand sanitizer has so far worked. Plus the smell of coconut is delicious.

The rest of my favourites are randoms.

Lipton Lemon Macaroon tea

Yummyy! I usually drink a cup of green tea in the evenings (while blogging<3) and this month my favourite flavour has been lemon macaroon. I love sweet things, so this tea is just perfect for me!

Inside Out

Disney's new animation film was so hilarious! I laughed so much and I wasn't the only one laughing at the cinema. Such a nice new movie and I definitely want to see it again. If you haven't yet seen this, I really recommend you do! This is coming from a Disney fanatic, but hey, who doesn't love Disney? :D 

Those were my favourites this month. Looking back, Spetember was a really nice month. But I can't wait for October since my birthday is in October and so is Halloween. So exciting!

How was your September?

Emma xxx


Sunday, 27 September 2015

The British TAG

I feel like I haven't done a tag for ages! Since they're one of my favourite types of post to write, I think it's time to do one right now. 

I chose to do the British tag because I'm half British. Although I live in Finland and have lived most of my life here, I still feel quite strongly towards my other homecountry. I've been brought up in a mixture of both cultures and I just, quite honestly,  can't get enough of all things British! So here we go!

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day?
At least a couple. In the morning I love to drink some English breakfast tea. In the afternoon I might have something a bit more exotic (today I had coke flavoured was a bit weird) and in the evening I enjoy my green teas. 

2. Favourite part of your roast?
I really really want to answer baby carrots and there's a good reason for that. I used to love eating carrots before I found out I'm allergic to them. But only to raw carrots. So nowadays, anytime somebody actually cooks carrots, I go crazy.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
Oh deer, I hardly ever eat biscuits. Digestive's though are a safe answer I should think. So lame but also classic!

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
Afternoon tea including all them goodies. And I also like the idea of after work pubbing. Nobody does that in Finland, I've basically never done it, but I love the thought of it. Not the drinking part though, just the meeting people. And eating...I like eating haha.

5. Favourite British word?
Cheers is such a fun thing to say! I love it. Also, forgive me for swearing, but bugger. The Finnish language has so horrible swear words, you can't even translate them properly into English. And so I think bugger is a rather cute way to swear. 

6. Cockney rhyme slang?
Nope, I'm afraid nothing pops into my mind. 

7. Favourite British sweet?
Oh my goodness, Quality Street of course! The toffee coins to be precise. How cruel is it, that they actually started selling them in Finland a couple of years ago and the price is insanely high?! I still buy them...

8. What would your pub be called?
The Wishing Well. Because Well.

9. Number one British person?
I really like Kate Middleton :) 

10. Favourite shop/restaurant?
Boots, Topshop, Superdrug, Miss Selfridges, New Look... As for restaurants, I can't pick one (didn't go too well with the shops either, did it?), but I think pub food is actually the best. 

11. What British song pops into your head?
For some reason, the theme song of Rosie and Jim :D haha aww. But also, one of my all time favourite's, Wannabe. The Spice Girls were just about the best thing in the world at one point of my life.

12. Marmite?
No thank you. :) 

Emma xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Very Berry makeup tutorial

Berry shades are basically the thing on everybody's lips at the moment. I decided to extend the theme into eye shadows as well. I've always been a bit scared to use purple eye shadows, since they can go terrible wrong. But when used properly, they look so pretty and are the perfect colour for autumn! Here's a video of how I did this makeup look:

Thanks for watching! What do you think of purple eye shadow shades?

Emma xxx

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Makeup look: autumn shades

Good evening everybody! I hope you've had a nice weekend so far. I've mainly been working but at the moment I'm enjoying a nice evening at home with some candles and tea - my favourites this time of the year!

I've lately been wearing very brave makeup looks. Brave ofcourse is can be a very relativ word. A brave makeup look can mean something completely different to different people. But for me it stands for darker shades in terms of eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher. I thought I'd show you how I do my ultimate autumn makeup. It's a mixture of warm tones with a very berry lip colour. 

If you'd like to re-create my makeup look, these are the products I used on the video:

The Body Shop - All-in-one Instablur
Benefit - Stay don't stray
Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion
MAC - Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NC15
MAC - Pro Longwear concealer
Loreal - True Match Powder
The Body Shop - Honey Bronze
MAC - Powder Blush in the shade Fun Ending
Revlon - Highlighting palette in the shade Rose Glow
Urban Decay - The Naked palette, shades Naked, Half Baked & Smog
Benefit - Gimme Brow
Rimmel - Eyebrow pencil in the shade dark brown
Benefit - Roller Lash
Revlon - Moisture Stain in the shade Parisian Passion

I also used a very old eyeshadow of mine in a beautiful burgundy red shade. Unfortunately I can't remember where I got it from. It does though remind very much of Sketch by Mac :)

What are you're favourite makeup looks for autumn?

Emma xxx

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Autumn haul

Hey everybody! I hope you're all enjoying your day so far. I'm having a day off and I'm absolutely loving it. I did all my homework yesterday so that I have nothing too important to do today. Since I'll be working through the becoming weekend, I was very much in need of a day like this.

I filmed another video a couple of days ago. It consists of some new clothes that I bought from ASOS and H&M but also of beauty products and a couple of homeware items. I hope you enjoy it! :)

What have you been buying for autumn?

Emma xxx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Wake Me Up VS Lasting Perfection

There are two highstreet/ drugstore concealers that are very clearly raved more about than the others. I don't think I've ever read a beauty blog that hasn't mentioned the Rimmel Wake Me Up or the Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. And for a good reason - they're both amazing products! But which one is better? I compared the two although it felt really hard to do, since they are both products, which I use on a daily basis and couldn't live without them. But not everybody needs two different concealers and if you're wondering which one to get, this post might help you!


The Lasing Perfection (£4.19) concealer is a teeny tiny bit cheaper than the Wake Me Up concealer(£5.49) but alas, both are quite cheap and basically bargains.


Both concealers have  four different shades in their range. Rimmel's concealer comes in the shades ivory, true ivory, classic beige and soft beige, ivory being the lightest shade. The shades for the Collection concealer are fair, cool medium, warm medium and dark. Although they have the same amount of different shades there's a huge difference. I have a very light skin tone and so I always stick to the lightest shades of basically everything almost all year round. Comparing these two products, Rimmel definitely should have a lighter shade than ivory. For me that shade is perfect for hiding blemishes, but I like to use a more lighter shade for under my eyes. The shade fair in Collection's range on the other hand, is perfect for those nasty under eye circles and highlighting too. But then again I think Collection should develop an option between fair and cool medium.


The Wake Me Up concealer does have a bigger bottle than the Lasting Perfection one, which obviously means it hold more product. Which also probably explains the slightly higher  price... Otherwise they are pretty much the same. They both also have a similar applicator.


The points for coverage definitely go to the Lasting Perfection concealer. I always have to add the Wake Me Up concealer a couple of times before I'm happy with the outcome. The Lasting Perfection concealer does the job with just one layer. At least on most days. 


Then again, the texture of the Wake Me Up concealer is so much nicer than the Lasting Perfection concealer's. It's smooth, velvety, easy to blend and it leaves a nice dewy look. Although I wouldn't want to have a dewy look right under my eyes, I'd still wish the Lasting Perfection concealer was more blendable. Instead it's quite sticky. 

As I already mentioned, I couldn't live without either, but I like them for different reasons. Which concealer is your favourite and why? Do you have any other highstreet/ drugstore concealer favourites?

Have a nice week everybody!

Emma xxx

Friday, 4 September 2015

Autumnal / fall thoughts

Do you like autumn? Because I do. I don't know why, but I'm more of an in between person rather than full power person when it comes down to seasons. Winter and summer are fun and nice but autumn and spring are just so beautiful, don't you think? I myself do get very excited about them and so this probably won't be my last post on autumn related matters. Bare with me if you aren't especially too fond of the season. 

Autumn particularly makes me feel all warm inside. It's the season for candles, orange and yellow flowers, huge scarfes and dark lipstick. 

Autumn is also all about cuddling, sitting on your sofa under a duvet and sipping some tea (I'm enjoying some lemongrass & peppermint flavoured tea myself at the moment). In the summer you always feel like you should be outside because the sun is shining, but in the autumn you can feel totally alright about staying inside. Although, mind you, those sunny autumn days are probably the prettiest ones there are.

Say hi to Mr Fox :)

In the autumn category, I have a haul video coming up and I'm also planning on showing you my favourite makeup look for the season. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend <3

Emma xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Favourites

This month has been absolutely beautiful and summer finally arrived even to Finland. Better late than never eh?

August was the last month of my summer holiday, which always seems to end too early, don't you think? I liked having a lot of time to myself, I enjoyed my part-time job a lot, I discovered new places to eat and found a new favourite snack (it's even a teeny tiny bit healthy)! I liked many things in August and I just absolutely must expand my favourites from beauty pieces to other random things. But I'll start with the beauty related products.

My go to -eyeshadow in August was definitely Backstage by Rimmel. It's a beautiful, shimmery and metallic shade. Perfect for those days when you feel gold is a bit too warm. It's easy to apply and lasts really long.

The lipstick, which I used the most this month was definitely another amazing product from Rimmel. It is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 101. It's a perfect matte, pinky nude and I really love the scent of it! 

While we visited New York I bought a very special mascara and have been loving it ever since. Benefit's Roller Lash has been raved about before, and I'm just going to have to join the crowd. It's an amazing product with a really pretty finish on your eyelashes. 

And finally, I just must mention, or re-mention to be precise, a skincare product. I have brought this product up before on my Skincare Sunday -video, so you might have already heard me love it to bits. It's the Loccitane Cleansing Milk. I still can't believe how soft it leaves my skin after washing my makeup off in the evenings.

And those are all my favourite beauty products from August. The random things I might not actually own, so I'm just going to make a short list of them.

First of all, Game of Thrones. I know I'm late with this but oh my gosh, how addictive can a TV series be? I can't even watch all of the scenes because they're just too violent, and yet I'm totally hooked. I think we watched all five seasons with my hubby at the beginning of August in like two weeks. We went a bit crazy, I'll admit that. 

Secondly, Frozen Yogurt. Can somebody explain to me, why I hadn't tried this delicacy before? Personally, I think it beats many ice creams. And that's saying a lot, because I do love my ice creams too. But frozen yogurt tastes more fresh. Mmmmm.....

Thirdly, this is a bit boring, but water! I have really been investing in drinking more water and believe I have achieved it (I definitely pop to the ladies a lot more often...sorry, TMI). I find drinking water quite hard actually. I very often even eat my lunch and dinner without any kind of liquid. After a session at the gym or a fitness class I might sip a bit of water and feel a bit drowsy later in the day. But after starting my little drink more water -project I've had no such problems. Even my skin is thanking me. Woop woop! 

August was awesome. I hope September is just as good! 

Emma xxx
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