Monday, 7 September 2015

Wake Me Up VS Lasting Perfection

There are two highstreet/ drugstore concealers that are very clearly raved more about than the others. I don't think I've ever read a beauty blog that hasn't mentioned the Rimmel Wake Me Up or the Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. And for a good reason - they're both amazing products! But which one is better? I compared the two although it felt really hard to do, since they are both products, which I use on a daily basis and couldn't live without them. But not everybody needs two different concealers and if you're wondering which one to get, this post might help you!


The Lasing Perfection (£4.19) concealer is a teeny tiny bit cheaper than the Wake Me Up concealer(£5.49) but alas, both are quite cheap and basically bargains.


Both concealers have  four different shades in their range. Rimmel's concealer comes in the shades ivory, true ivory, classic beige and soft beige, ivory being the lightest shade. The shades for the Collection concealer are fair, cool medium, warm medium and dark. Although they have the same amount of different shades there's a huge difference. I have a very light skin tone and so I always stick to the lightest shades of basically everything almost all year round. Comparing these two products, Rimmel definitely should have a lighter shade than ivory. For me that shade is perfect for hiding blemishes, but I like to use a more lighter shade for under my eyes. The shade fair in Collection's range on the other hand, is perfect for those nasty under eye circles and highlighting too. But then again I think Collection should develop an option between fair and cool medium.


The Wake Me Up concealer does have a bigger bottle than the Lasting Perfection one, which obviously means it hold more product. Which also probably explains the slightly higher  price... Otherwise they are pretty much the same. They both also have a similar applicator.


The points for coverage definitely go to the Lasting Perfection concealer. I always have to add the Wake Me Up concealer a couple of times before I'm happy with the outcome. The Lasting Perfection concealer does the job with just one layer. At least on most days. 


Then again, the texture of the Wake Me Up concealer is so much nicer than the Lasting Perfection concealer's. It's smooth, velvety, easy to blend and it leaves a nice dewy look. Although I wouldn't want to have a dewy look right under my eyes, I'd still wish the Lasting Perfection concealer was more blendable. Instead it's quite sticky. 

As I already mentioned, I couldn't live without either, but I like them for different reasons. Which concealer is your favourite and why? Do you have any other highstreet/ drugstore concealer favourites?

Have a nice week everybody!

Emma xxx


  1. I used to use both of these, but I e actually found a better drugstore concealer than both of them (which I didn't think there was!). You should give the Maybelline SuperStay one a go, it's a really light formula but the coverage is as good as the Collection one. Also, I found the Collection one can look a little cakey and oxidises throughout the day, but the SuperStay concealer doesn't do that!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I love your photos by the way!

    2. Thank you very much Alice! :) I'm definitely going to try the SuperStay, now that you mentioned. So thanks for that too xx

  2. I haven't tried either of these, or a drugstore concealer! I really need to though, these sound amazing.


    1. I do highly recommend both of them :) just for different reasons x

  3. Yay, I finally made it to your blog, girlie!! :) I love it a lot and will make sure to come back for new updates woot woot :)
    What a great review! I tried Wake Me Up a few times. It is a good concealer but not my fave from the drugstore. I love Age Rewind by Maybelline & Dream Touch Lumi (also by Maybelline) - I raved about it in one of my posts ( :)
    xox Nadia

    1. That's nice! I do pop back to your blog too on a regular basis :)
      Maybelline does seem very good in terms of concealers, I'll definitely have to try at least one of their products...Thanks for the tip! xx


Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day<3 xxx

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