Saturday, 31 October 2015

October favourites + announcement

The best month of the year is now over. It has been so beautiful and sunny but also quite busy. I've been writing my thesis, done some substitute teaching and also been organizing a very special change in my life, which I will get back to at the very end of this post. Alas I have had time to blog and film, which I love doing and also I've found time to read novels, which has rarely happened during my studies. 

My October favourites include some beauty products, as always, some books and some apps. Traditionally, I want to start with the beauty products :) 

The Beauty Blender is fairly new to me although definitely not to the rest of the world. I bought at the beginning on this month and I honestly don't know how I survived without it. It's so easy to use and gives such a soft finish to your makeup. I love it! 

H&M have really made an effort in their new makeup collection. I was very intrigued in buying all of their new products when I last visited a store, but since I had my darling husband with me and he always loves to remind me how I don't need any more makeup, I ended up buying just a cream blusher. And I love it too! The quality is amazing, pigmentation is great and the shade I have (Peachy Rose) is stunning! H&M have really done a good job here.

I already raved about the Garnier BB cream in a previous post of mine but I can't stop going on about it! A lazy girls dream come true. Just saying.

Rimmel's Stay Matte powder was a forgotten treasure for me and now that I repurchased it, I don't think I'll be able to live without it ever again. I have it in the shade transparent. For the price, which is ridiculously cheap considering what you get, it's a super powder. Love love love! 

The two book I've read recently were The Silent Tide by Rachel Hore and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I don't want to give up too much, since I'll be writing reviews on these. I just want to say that they were really addictive and I read them in like three days. But should we shortly talk about the fact that the other book is a book and the other one is an electronical book. I'm a very traditional person when it comes down to books. The best ones are definitely hardbacks. They just have a certain feeling to them. But when I hear of a good book and know it has not yet been published in Finland, and anyways English books are a bit harder to get hold of over here, I occasionally purchase a book onto my iPad. My hubby appreciates it because it means I don't have to keep the lights on in our bedroom when I want to read :D

Something that hasn't been going so well this month is working out. I've simply had zero motivation towards it. I usually love taking fitness classes and take one several times per week. That has not been happening in October. I thin it's the time it takes all together. The class itself usually takes about an hour or so and then there are the trips to and back from the gym. So instead of going somewhere to workout, I've tried to do it at home. For that I have downloaded a couple of apps and my favourite one so far has been the Daily Yoga app. I've simply been loving to do a short morning yoga session before I start my day and this app gives you loads of different yoga sessions to go through. 

The lack of working out has effected me in a couple of ways. But I think the most important one is the quality of my sleep. A good workout makes me tired and after them I fall asleep fairly easily. Since the workouts haven't been happening, I have experienced some slight insomnia. I've always been like that, a poor sleeper. And I decided to, rather than make myself go do something I wasn't at all interested in at the time, to seek for another solution to my problem. And another app came down my way. It's called Calm. It gives you sessions for e.g. calming anxiety, falling asleep and just taking a break during the day. I've really been enjoying it and it has helped!

And then lastly the most exciting thing. I have a little announcement to make. I've known this for a while, but not until last Tuesday was I absolutely sure about this. And no, I'm not pregnant. To me, this is much cooler at the moment! Because I'm moving to London!!! <3 My favourite place in the whole wide world! YEAH! By moving there, I mean I'll be doing an internship there during January. And I'm just so happy about this. I will definitely keep you updated with all the things happening around this like what to pack with you and stuff like that. Oh my, I can't wait! 

Excitement overload. I better go. How was your October? And any tips on getting a short term flat in London are more than welcome! 

Emma xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

What I got for my 26th birthday

I celebrated my 26th birthday a week ago, as you might know if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@wellemma_). It was truly a wonderful day and although I'm aready 26 and have had a couple of birthdays, I still seem always to look forward to it. Today I thought I'd show you what I got for my birthday. Everybody always do those little disclaimers before these sort of posts or videos, and I'm about to do exactly the same: My intention is not to brag or show off. I simply love all the presents I got and thought showing them would be quite fun to do. 

First of all, my husband gave me a camera. Before this I was filming and taking pictures with a Canon SX230, which stopped filming after 15 minutes and warned the battery was dying after 10 minutes of filming. So as I'm quite into this blogging thing and have been for a while, I felt like a good new camera was what I needed. The camera my husband bought me is the OLYMPUS Pen E-PL7 which I'm totally in love with. I'm still learning how to use it but already the difference in the quality of pictures is so clear. I also got a breakfast in bed, which I wish I could have every morning hehe. ;) 

From my parents I got a purse and a necklace from Laura Ashley. Both are really pretty and particularly the purse is so autumn appropriate with the bright colours! I moved all my cards and money into it instantly! I'm not really a necklace person, because I love wearing scarves, but this one is lovely and small, so I'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of it! 

My husband's parents  gave me some pj's which are perfect for a tea lover like myself! Plus they're so comfy I could live in them. I don't know the exact shop they're from, but I think they came from Budapest. And then they got me also a super cute little purse but this one is more of a coin purse I feel like.

And that was all I got. All lovely things.<3

Emma xx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Garnier BB Cream

Today I wanted to talk to you about a very special product which I tend to repurchase all the time. It is the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. And it's just simply amazing for five different reasons.

1. The scent is the best! It smells of fruits and freshness and I don't think I've had such a good smelling makeup product.

2. It leaves your face looking dewy and gives you a healthy glow. This isn't something oily skin types would prefer, but I think it's just perfect with a bit of powder added on top.

3. It's fairly cheap. Although I must admit I have never bought a high end BB cream. But cheap price is always a bonus!

4. It's very moisturizing! Which I guess is the reason for the glowy look it gives. I can't even use a separate moisturizer with this product, because of my combination skin type. And let's be honest here, on those super early mornings you don't want to be doing that full skincare & makeup routine of yours, which is exactly why BB creams are so great!

5. The coverage is semi good. And that is a huge compliment for a BB cream, since they're kind of like a diluted version of foundations. 

What is your favourite BB cream?

Emma xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My birthday!

October has been one of my favorite months of the year for almost forever. Nowadays it's more about the cozyness and pretty colors, but as a child it was pretty much about my birthday. Which I celebrated last Saturday. I had a wonderful day and somehow managed to spend time with my husband, family and friends although they all live in different cities. 

My day started at home. I woke up to my husband singing "happy birthday to you". He made me breakfast in bed with a good ol' pot of toffee tea and a yummy sandwich. I think I spent another hour or so in bed, enjoying my breakfast really slowly and reading The Girl on the Train -book, which I was totally hooked on and have finished it by now.

My husband left for a floorball game and that's when I started getting ready, had a shower, did my makeup and left for my parent's house. I had some more tea  and cake there with my little sisters and dad. I can't even remember when somebody baked me cake, so that was a really nice surprise! I even got to blow out a candle.

I then left for my friends house, where I had invited a few girls over. We cooked tortillas and chatted about all sorts of things. I was really happy to see all of them, since I live in a different city at the moment. We did head out to a bar in Helsinki as well. Unfortunately, none of us really go out that often anymore and so we had no idea where to go. And so we totally picked the wrong bar, where dancing was made impossible. I love dancing, but that just wasn't happening to that noise some call music (I needed Rihanna and got techno boo). Nonetheless, I got to spend time with my friends and enjoyed that very very much. 

The day was awesome and growing older doesn't bother me a bit when I have people like this in my life <3 I was thinking of filming a what I got for my bday -video, so that might be coming up next!

Emma xxx

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

UD Naked Smoky

It has finally arrived! I feel like I've waited forever. 

The fourth addition to the Naked family came out last July, which was right after our honeymoon in the US. How unlucky is that? At that point Urban Decay wasn't sold in Finland and all the online shops were very quickly running out of this beautiful palette. This autumn though, two department stores started stocking Urban Decay and last Friday they started finally selling the Naked Smoky palette. I ordered one online on the first minute they started selling them.

I'm actually more of a natural eyes girl than a smoky eye girl. But the concept of a neutral smoky eye sounded very interesting and I was totally up for the challenge. I'm afraid I totally failed my first attempt at this, but I'm not giving up any time soon :D 

The palette comes with a double-ended brush with a smudger at the other end and a crease brush at the other. I don't now too many people who use the brushes that come with these palettes, but personally I quite like them. A detailed look book is also included, which is such a saviour for a beginner like me. 

The packaging is stunning, as I'm sure all of us can see for ourselves. Even my husband commented on it the other night and that's a lot said from him, since he never comments anything on my makeup. Well, except that I have too much of it... I love the magnetic closing system so much! It's so handy and the package seems pretty sturdy and safe. 

As in every Naked palette, you get 12 different shades in the Smoky palette, which include four shimmer shades, four satin shades and four matte shades. You get some really pretty warm tones but the colder shades are the ones that intrigue me the most. They look brilliant and they're also the satin formulated ones, which tend to be my favourite. Or maybe right after matte shades. 

Oh I'm so excited for this and can't wait to experiment more! 

How do you like the newest member of the Naked family? What are your favourite shades?

Emma xxx


Monday, 12 October 2015

I've been nominated!

For the first time ever, this little blog of mine has been nominated as the most inspiring lifestyle-blog of the year at the Indiedays Blog Awards. This is such an honor since my blog has some really good company in that category and Indiedays is one of the most popular blogportals in Finland. How cool is that?

By clicking the picture below and scrolling the opening page right down, you will be able to vote for my blog by clicking "äänestä" on the right lower corner of the box with my picture on it. Thank you if you do <3 

I'll get back to you tomorrow with a post about a very special eyeshadow palette. At the moment I can't take my hands off of it.

Enjoy your day!

Emma xx

Friday, 9 October 2015

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I'm one of those people who tend to change everything very easily and never get into a routine enough to actually call it a routine. I guess I get easily bored and love trying out new things. But I love watching everybody's everyday makeup routine -videos and so I decided to actually sit down and think, what products I use most regularly. 

My everyday makeup routine consist of some neutral brown eyeshadow, a proper base with all the goodies, semi-winged eyeliner and a pinky nude lipstick. It takes me about half an hour to do, which I think is very basic. I use both high-end as well as highstreet products but all my brushes are definitely the more affordable ones.

Products mentioned:
The Body Shop InstaBlur
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original
MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NW15
Maybelline Fit Me concealer - 15
Max Factor Undereye concealer - 
Rimmel Stay Matte powder - transparent
The Body Shop honey bronzer - 03 medium matte
MAC Mineralize Skin finish highlighter - Lightscapade
Max Factor Creamy Blush - Soft Murano
EOS lip balm - Pomegranate
Urban Decay Naked basics palette
Benefit Gimme Brow
Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner
Benefit Roller Lash mascara
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick - 45

RealTechniques - Buffing brush
RealTechniques - Deluxe Crease brush
The Body Shop - Face and Body brush
RealTechniques - Blush brush
RealTechniques - Contour brush
Duroy - Blush brush
RealTechniques - Brow brush
RealTechniques - Base Eyeshadow brush

I really enjoyed filming this video. How do you like it?

How long does your everyday makeup take? Is 30 minutes a lot or not?

Have a lovely weekend everybody!
Emma xxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Roller Lash VS Lash Sensational

Time for another little competition between two great products. Last time I compared two of my favourite concealers and now it' time to compare mascaras. These two are again my go-to products at the moment and they are of course the Roller Lash by Benefit and the Lash Sensational by Maybelline.

Maybelline, being a highstreet (or drugstore) brand, wins this part of the competition 5 - 0. The Lash Sensational mascara is half the price of the Roller Lash. Alas I don't think the Roller Lash is ridiculously pricy, but clearly more on the pricy side.


The Lash Sensational mascara looks like all the other Maybelline mascaras with it's rather pointy bottle. The colour is a really pretty lilacy-pink. The Roller Lash on the other hand look quite unique and I absolutely love the cork. It's got such a good grip. It's not the prettiest in the whole world but oh so practical!

The Roller Lash is a very light weight mascara which is why I don't think it gives too much volume but it does give that lengthened feeling to your lashes. It doesn't smudge at all and that's a lot said from me because I feel like every mascara smudges on my lower lashes. But this one doesn't! The Lash Sensational gives way more volume and some nice definition, but along with those come a bit of clumps. It's nothing that can't be handled though. I've also had some trouble washing this mascara in the evenings. I don't know if it's my cleanser or the mascara, but it takes so long to wash off!


Both mascaras have rubber bristles. Both wands are also curves. The Roller Lash has a slightly smaller brush though but I feel like the Lash Sensational can do more and is so easy to apply to the very outer corners. 

I think, if there was a mascara that had the texture of the Roller Lash but the wand of the Lash Sensational mascara, it would be my holy grail mascara. Is there one like that? What are your favourite mascaras at the moment?

Emma xxx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Find me

Hey everybody! How's you're weekend going so far? I thought I'd just write a quick, informative post today about the difference ways you can follow my blog but also me on social media.

You can of course find my blog on Bloglovin', which is probably my favorite place to follow blogs.

For all you Finnish readers out there, my blog is now also on Blogipolku.

As much as I love blogging, I don't post everything and all the time on my blog, so if you'd like to follow me more, you can find me here:

Snapchat: wellemma1

Last but definitely not least, you can watch my videos on Youtube.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies.

Emma xxx

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