Monday, 4 January 2016

The Ultimate Packing List

Hey lovelies <3 I hope everybody had a fab weekend! I'm off for a little adventure tomorrow. I'll be staying in London, my favourite place on earth, for a month and I might just be the most excited person on earth at the moment! But I'll also hugely miss my husband and little rabbit. Luckily Eero will be coming to London too after I've first spent a week there by myself <3

I spent my weekend packing and every time I pack, I make a list of things I need with me. That way I can minimize the things I'll forget home. I believe I'm not the only person in this world who has ever left something important accidentally behind, so I thought I'd share my packing list with you. It's very general, so hopefully you guys can use it too :) 

Hand luggage:
phone + charger
purse (remember to empty it from cards you won't need with you, e.g. library card)
flight tickets
iPad / laptop
download playlists & movies you want to watch in flight mode
a book
toothbrush & daily medicine, incase your luggage gets lost

how man pairs of shoes?
another handbag?
shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, makeup remover, toner, face moisturizer, body lotion, facial oil, lip balm, all preferably in travel size.
cotton pads, q-tips, cleansing wipes
makeup, makeup brushes, nail polish
perfume & body mist
hairspray, dry shampoo, hair brush, comb, hair dryer, heat protector, hair pins, hair bands
toothpaste, dental floss
chargers for everything electronical
adapter, if needed
tripod / selfie stick
other medicine & plasters

Now then, what did I forget?

Emma xxx

PS. I'll be leaving behind a beautiful winter wonderland. Sometimes this country amazes me.



  1. Ohh you're travelling to London? How cool is that! :) Come say hi? :P x Your packing list looks pretty good to me, will you maybe need an adapter for your charger, if the plug sockets are different? I remember travelling to Paris, not accounting for the fact that their plug sockets are totally different than the ones we have in England... Had to go four days without straightening my hair... Oh the horror! :D x


    1. Yep, here I am, just landed an hour ago. It would be so totally cool to meet up with you!! Are you far from London? :)
      An adapter is definitely needed, I'll probably even have to get another one. I don't think I'll manage with one a whole month :D
      Happy Tuesday babe <3
      Emma xxx

  2. London is also my favourite place. :)


  3. Happy New Year, my sweet Emma!! You are just one of my best blogger friends and I love you, girlie. Sorry I have been MIA for a while, it's just been such a busy time + we were away and I didn't have my amazing desktop computer where I have everything I need lol. I could only use my hubby's mac book to reply to a few comments and we were insanely busy (in a good way) :)
    But enough about moi, YOU ARE COMING TO LONDON!!! Yay!
    So exciting!
    I wish I could see you babe! Will you be there around mid-Feb?
    Great list. I am a huge list'er myself. Bring at least 3 pairs of shoes hon.
    The weather here has been awful. I'd love to switch for winter wonderland ;)
    Big hugs!!
    xox Nadia

    1. Happy New Year sweetie <3 And awww thank you so much! I definitely feel the same! And don't worry about being idle for a while. It's more than alright to concentrate on life sometimes hehe ;)
      Andd yyyeeeeiii I'm here. I got so excited I got a head ache the minute I stepped into my flat haha. But I'm still very happy I'm here. This city makes me smile! :))
      Lists are the best. Especially if you make many and bring them all together: you must have listed everything at least on one of them!
      I was feeling a bit under the weather to leave such a beautiful sight to Finland. But oh my gosh, -20 degrees isn't for me! The +10 here in London feels like heaven on earth and I feel like I should have brought some shorts with me hehe :D
      Hugs and kisses babe. Stay warm <3 xxx

  4. Enjoy your trip, even though it means leaving the winter wonderland you pictured so lovely. I personally would pack my iPad with a lot of books instead of bringing a real book with me, but I guess that is down to personal preference.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Thanks Linda darling :) to be quite honest, I enjoy +10 a bit more than winter wonderland, however nice it looks.
      Hmm that's a good idea and I do have a couple of books on my iPad that I should read. But I also prefer the old fashioned books myself :)
      Thanks for the lovely comment :) xxx

  5. That sounds so exciting! I would love to go overseas, but I have to wait until I have left school :p Maybe you could bring some magazines to read on the plane, incase you don't feel like reading an actual book? xx

    1. Well, they say a good thing is worth waiting for :) I'm sure you'll get to travel once school is all done. That's what happened to me too!
      Magazine is defo a good idea Rosie dear! Also I prefer paperbacks on flights rather than the hard cover books.
      Hope you've had a great start for the week xxx

  6. amazing! love the blog

  7. Oh my god you have no idea how bad I am at packing! I ALWAYS leave something (usually really important) at home! Without fail! I have to make a list or else I will forget! However, now I don't have to! I'll need to print this off and keep it handy!

    Shannon Sage

    1. Yeeei I'm glad my list is of help :)) I hope it includes everything since I too am veeery lousy at packing :D Haven't yet though noticed anything that I didn't bring with me. Except one sports top, but that's hardly the most important thing in the world :D
      Have a lovely week xxx

  8. Have a great trip! That sounds like so much fun! Great packing list, if only I were to go on vacation somewhere lol. :)

    1. Thank you :) I was a little nervous before I got here, but London always puts a smile on my face. I bet I look a little silly walking around this city with a huge grin haha :)
      Hope you have a lovely week <3 xxx

  9. So awesome you're travelling to LOndon. Hope you have a safe and fun trip :)

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Alyssa :) I've had a fab time so far! Happy New Year to you too gorgeous girl <3 xxx

  10. Have a great trip! Gemma x

  11. Hope you have a lovely trip and an incredible time in London! It's such a fantastic city!
    Great packing list as well!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Cheers Rae! :) And I totally agree with you: London is amazing! <3
      Hope you've had a good week so far xxx

  12. Great list. Very convenient as I'm traveling soon too! Hope you have a wonderful time in London! It's one of my favorite cities in the entire world!!
    Project NW | Places I want To Visit In the USA

    1. Hey cool! Where are you traveling to? :)
      Aah, we definitely share that opinion, London is the best <3 I can't stop smiling here :D
      I hope you have a wonderful trip as well girlie <3 xxx

  13. Good travel list! It feels cold in the UK at the moment but I'm sure its nowhere near as cold as it was in Finland! enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks :) UK weather seems almost like summer to me after Finland hehe :) I forgot to bring my bikini though! :D xxx


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