Monday, 18 April 2016

Blogging activated

Now that I'm back I want to write what my thesis is all about and what I've been researching for the past couple of years. This won't be a recap of my whole thesis, instead I want to adapt the main idea suitable for bloggers :)

The main subject of my thesis is physical activity, it's benefits and how to increase the level of it, as the honest truth is that too many of us sit inactively too much everyday. A very little percentage of us gain enough physical activity daily. Physical inactivity has very clear effects on health and many health issues could be prevented with even a small increase in physical activity levels.

Sitting has also been discovered to be very unhealthy. And that's where bloggers come into the game. Hands up if you sit when you blog! I bet most of us do. Lying down isn't much better. The bad news is that sitting down for many hours cannot be compensated with a long run or fitness class or session at the gym. The good news is there's something else you can do!

I like to call it active blogging. The main goal is to get off your bum at least every two hours. And stay up for a while. A little pause will let your brain rest for a while too. Here are some suggestions what to do:

1. Mini workout
Go for a little walk (not just to the fridge and back pls), practice your fave movements from last nights fitness class secretly at home or put on your fave song and dance to it.

2. Switch places
Move from your usual blogging spot to somewhere else. And remember to move everything separately: first your laptop, then go back for your camera and finally go back for your notebook. Or anything else you must have when blogging.

3. Sit actively
Change your chair into a big exercise ball. It's a small investment with huge benefits. I did and I'm telling you, it's so much fun. Bouncing up and down whilst writing.. I'm never sitting on a regular office chair again!  You could also switch to a saddle chair, which lets your blood flow more freely into your lower body and your bigger muscles and so is healthier than a regular chair. But let's be honest here, the ball is a lot more fun!

How much time do you spend on blogging daily/weekly?
Do you sit for the whole time while blogging?

I hope you all have a super lovely week ahead of you <3
Emma xxx


  1. I do have a bad habit of sitting down, but my house is big enough to where I can walk around a lot. I walk and pace around my little island counter in the kitchen! I am still living at home so I do a lot of laundry and dishes, and I go up and down the stairs to haul the clothes in the laundry, and I have really steep stairs too! Even though I have been more diligent about exercising, I also feel like doing a lot of chores helps me moving.


    1. I bet we all have! It's kind of what we do :D But house chores are definitely a good way to gain physical activity! And they never even seem to end :D I should probably do more of them too! Thanks for the comment Hannah and have a lovely weekend <3

  2. I usually spend 30 min-an hour each day blogging/catching up on the blogs I follow and yes, I sit the entire time. It really does bad things for my back (I have scoliosis anyways, so I'm already problematic), so I love this exercise ball idea! I also work a desk job so it's definitely going to be beneficial for me. a brief walk every so often also does wonders. :) Thank you for sharing xX

    1. Thanks Kynia for the comment. The exercise ball is so good and a lot of fun also! I'm already a huge fan of it :)) It's actually almost impossible to stay still on it.
      I hope you have a super fun weekend <3 xxx

  3. So happy to see your back, hun! Really missed you; I hope everything's gone well for you at uni, and that you get some well-deserved time to relax soon. :) <3 How have you been? Would love to catch up properly! <3 x x

    I love this post but honestly it's made me feel a little guilty because I'm probably the laziest bum you'd ever meet, lol! Physical activity has never been my thing, I do a few workouts a week but when it comes to blogging, I do it LAYING DOWN, lol! :P <3 We have this huge bean bag and honestly since I work all week, on my weekends I find that there's just nothing more relaxing than sprawling around on it and just spend all day blogging and watching TV. :) I agree that physical activity is important and I'd love to do more, honestly that little bouncy ball thing just looks too fun and I'd love to give it a go. :3 kisses!!!! <3 x


    1. Missed you too lovely <3 It's getting easier and not too much to go, thank goodness for that :) We should definitely catch up properly soon <3<3
      Oh my a bean bag sounds amazing! My hubby has been wanting one for ages but we just don't have the room for one atm. Maybe someday. Although it would make me sit on it all evening too :D But I really recommend giving the ball a go. It's a lot of fun! Also great for home workouts :D
      Thank you for the lovely comment hon <3 I've really missed them <33 so happy to be back <3

  4. I use a bouncy ball or I put my laptop up on a higher surface and stand, walking a few steps every now and then. Not for my personal well-being, but to keep my baby boy at ease in the sling. He doesn't like it if I sit down...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Well it seems he's secretly keeping you active as well :) aww! <3 xxx

  5. I am sitting most of the time during the day and there's no excuse for me! I have been trying to get more walking in and light exercise in between the "sitting sessions" lol. When it comes to blogging, there's definitely a lot of sitting involved so this post is such a great wake-up call, sweetie!
    Absolutely the best advice, as always! Really missed you, feels like ages since we got to catch up last! Muaaaah!!!
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment babe <3 I've missed you too so much! <3
      I must admit I hadn't even thought about these things until I really started writing my thesis. I guess the subject really got to me and just sitting down normally makes me feel guilty :D
      Have a lovely day my dearest Nadia <3 sending lots of hugs and kisses your way <3 xxx


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