Monday, 4 April 2016


I feel like an explanation is in order as my regular three posts a week has changed into one a week. There is one, very life related reason for that: my thesis. I only have a couple of weeks more to work on it and I am drowning under all the work. So I guess you could say that life is happening hardcore at the moment. And unfortunately it has to come first right now. 

To be very honest, researching isn't my favourite thing to do. It requires a lot of sitting down whereas I'm much more of a doer and goer. And that is why this is taking so much of my energy and time. However I can't run from the fact that it needs to be done. I'd probably have quit long ago unless I was writing it with my husband though. Doing it together gives a small feeling of group pressure and I will finish it even if helping the other person might be my only reason for doing so.

Writing a master's thesis with your husband is a whole other story. One of my colleagues referred to it as building a house together, which many of us know can go so very wrong in terms of maintaining a good relationship. It has been stressful, I'll admit that. I mean, just imagine yourself  working with your husband or boyfriend! Especially working on something that you don't particularly enjoy. It's like mixing the thing you love most with the thing you love least together and the result being something in between those two. Doesn't sound too bad for the thesis, but definitely not so good for your love life. But I also think I couldn't have done it with anybody else and he's the best support ever <3

So I've decided to pause my blog for a little while. Just a week or two, I couldn't stay away any longer. But I also don't want the quality or content of my blog to suffer, just because I have to write something and haven't had the time to think or plan what to write about. I hope you all understand this. I actually know you will, because you're all the best <3 :)

If you want to know what I'm up to, I'll probably be snapchating a lot and I also can't seem to stay away from Instagram either. So go follow me there and let me know your links too, so I can follow you :)

Instagram: @wellemma_
Snapchat: wellemma1

I wish you all a wonderful start for April and I will be back as soon as possible <3
Emma xxx


  1. Hey everyone needs a break once in a while. I took a slight break last year on my last semester of university since I was so busy but now I am back in the swing of things. Life happens. Definitely want you to succeed, and I know it's tough working on a tedious project with your husband, but I know you guys will make it through. Looking forward to see you come back though, and good luck!


    1. Thanks Hannah for your kind comment <3 Definitely helped me get through that busy time. But I'm back and can't wait to read everybody's blogs!! <3xx

  2. That is the best solution, sweetie. Especially if you have a load of work to do (I know how hard you're working on your thesis) and like you said - better to take a short pause without feeling pressured to write when you actually can't. Content quality is another major thing and you always put a lot of work into yours <3 Good luck with all the work, love. I will still be on Snapchat tomorrow so will be able to see what you're up to but then I am in the middle of nowhere for a week with no wifi so will only catch you on Twitter & Insta :)
    Muaaaah, lots of love your way
    xox Nadia

    1. Thanks honey <3 you made me feel a lot better when I read this <3 I hope your trip(s :D) went well and can't wait to get back into blogging and reading your lovely posts too <3 kisses xxx

  3. AW! I hope it all goes well for you!xx

    Check out my recent?

    1. Thank you Hannah :) it's all good thanks :)) xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Carol! :) Just a little squeeze needed anymore and then it's done yaay! :) xxx

  5. Wish you all the best, waiting your come back, thank you for sharing!!!


  6. Really hope things are going well for you right now! I have been absent lately too! am away to follow you on snapchat though, so will hopefully see you on there!

    1. Thank you lovely! SO happy to be back again. And so happy to see you on sn! yaaay :)) xxx


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