Sunday, 15 May 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Since it's currently raining cats and dogs outside, I thought I'd share something colourful with you today. On my recent trip to London I visited the Too Faced counter in Debenhams on Oxford Street. The counter is basically tiny, but I guess that only makes it easier to find what you're looking for. Incase you aren't familiar with Too Faced as a brand (it's definitely time you get to know them!), they are a super fun and girly, cruelty-free cosmetics brand. Their products and packaging are joyful and reflect some serious positive vibes! Some of their most known products are the Chocolate Bar eye shadow palettes, Better Than Sex mascara and Melted lipsticks.

As soon as Too Faced released their newest addition to their eye shadow palette family, I knew wanted it. I absolutely love the quality of their eye shadows and most of my eye shadows in my collection are super neutral. What can I say: I love my natural makeup looks. But I felt like I needed something a little different for summer. Something more exciting. 

The Sweet Peach palette is the perfect eye shadow palette for spring and summer time. Especially for all you mutual neutral girls out there. With 18 different shades, it has a good mixture of neutrals and some colour, mattes and shimmers. What's so great about the more colourful shades is that they too are fairly down to earth and very usable. 

The quality of the eyeshadows is simply amazing. The pigmentation is good and the only shade that doesn't really show on my skin is Georgia, since it is a fair blush pink. Two of the shades, Candied Peach and Talk Berby to Me, are glittery, which isn't my fave type of eye shadow ever, but they look really pretty when swatched. Because purple isn't really my thing, I haven't more than swatched Delectable. The rest of the shades are so wearable and beautiful and fun to wear and simply perfect. This will definitely be my go-to palette this summer! 

The only thing that bothers me a wee bit, is the scent. The Chocolate Bar palettes are known for their amazing cacao scent and it really is very yummy. Too Faced clearly decided it would be a great idea to give the Sweet Peach palette a scent too, and obviously it's supposed to be peachy. I'm afraid the scent is nowhere near as nice as real peaches (in comparison, for example the Body Shop peach-range smells really nice in my opinion) and replicates more of a soap made for dish washing. Obviously the scent doesn't play too much of an important role in the life of an eye shadow and I can definitely live with it. 

Have you tried any Too Faced products? If yes, which ones are your fave?
Are you a neutral girl?
Which shade is your fave from the Sweet Peach palette?

Emma xxx



  1. love love love the look of this palette! all the shades look beautiful. lovely review, Emma:) xx

  2. I've been lusting over this palette ever since I first heard about it! I love the idea of this smelling like peaches, although it's a shame that it doesn't smell as good as the previous TF palettes... I imagined it would smell like delicious peach-flavoured candy, not soap! I do really love the shades though, they're so gorgeous and I looooove the pearly/glittery finish on some of them! I will definitely be getting my hands on this one as soon as I can find a good deal on it... Thanks for sharing, hun! Hope you're having a super awesome weekend, kisses! <3 :)


  3. The weather is awful at the moment here too, yesterday it was raining, today is windy and on Wednesday I was at the beach! What is going on? Haha! This is a lovely palette with some great shades for spring, you will create great looks with it! x


  4. It is a gorgeous palette but I decided it wasn't for me. I found out about this around the same time I found out about the Chocolate Bon Bons palette so I decided to go with that and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette. The Peach palette is such a pretty palette and reminds me of my favorite Peach gummy ring candies!


  5. Love the colors of this palette, they all look so good! Xx

  6. I never understood why scent should play a role in eyeshadow palates, but it doest sound too nice how you describe it.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. Yay you got it!! I flipping love this palette so so much!! I actually use Canied peach the most, such a beautiful shade as a base, I am such a neutral chick though so this is really out there for me lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous xx

  9. This palette looks gorgeous!

  10. This looks gorgeous.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  11. The palette looks so beautiful and the shades are gorgeously pigmented. I definitely would love to try it! Might just go ahead and splurge a little ;) Thanks for this review hon & I think I could too live with the scent as long as the colours work for me <3
    Fab post, as always, especially since it's raining cats & dogs here as I am typing this :)
    xox Nadia

  12. omg i want this palette so badly!! plus it smells like peach<33

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube

  13. I have been looking everywhere for this palette, so might pop into the Debenhams oxford street! I have way too many palettes though but you can never have too many... right? new follower on bloglovin; :)

    lots of love, Jane | Marble and Rose


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