Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

I received a super gorgeous package this week and oh boy am I excited to share it with you. I ordered three lip kits from the lovely Kylie Jenner a couple of weeks ago and I've now been using them for a good few days, and obviously I have a few words to say about them. 

Incase you've never heard of Kylie Jenner, she's one of the younger members of the famous Kardashian family. She had her lips done and they are now like the most perfect lips in the world. Just as a little sidenote, I personally don't mind people having their bodies changed, we can all do whatever we want to our bodies and if you feel like you need to change it then go for it. What I think people should remember though, is that we only get that one body and it should be cherished. Never say never, but I'm pretty sure I'll never do anything like that because of my fear of needles. But as I said, I have absolutely nothing against what other people do to their bodies :) 

But back to the actual subject: Kylie released her own cosmetics line with lip kits and lip glosses and they have been super wanted since they were released the first time. 

How to purchase?
The only place you can purchase her products are at and I'm afraid ordering isn't as easy as usually online shopping is. Due to their popularity, all the products are sold out in like half an hour after restock. So obviously if you want to get your hands on these products you need to know the exact time they restock. There are a few ways to do this.

1. Follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram
2. Download Kylie's app on your phone
3. Follow Kylie on Snapchat (@kylizzlemynizzle)

I've noticed that they usually restock at like 4pm PST, which for us Europeans, means like midnight. Make sure you know which shades you want before they restock and all should go well :) 

What did I get?
I purchased the lip kits in three different shades. The lip kits include a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. I went for the nude ones, since they are known to be best in quality and I know for sure I'll use them all. The shades I got are Exposed, Candy K and Koko K. Exposed is a brown, fair nude, Candy K is a darker pink nude and Koko K is a lighter pink nude. And I love them all <3

Are they worth the hype?

My opinion is based on just three products but oh my goodness, YES, they are! The quality is honestly quite amazing. The lip liners are really soft and smooth with a lot of pigment. And the liquid lipsticks dry so fast. The best thing however is that they last absolutely all day on your lips. I've honestly tried eating the messiest things this week but nothing has made them come off. 

Another thing I really like about them is that you can barely feel them on your lips. Although, if it's very warm, they dry a bit sticky which could annoy some people. I myself can live with that and it's not like it's a huge problem here in Northern Europe haha.

If you want to see me wearing the lip kits, watch my latest video :) 

What do you think of the Kylie cosmetics products? Have you thought of purchasing any?
How do you feel about plastic surgery or face fillers?

Have a lovely day my super babes <3
Emma xxx


  1. I love Candy K and Koko K! I kind of want to order some lip kits as well but I've read a lot of people have had bad experiences with shipping and with customer service so I'm not sure if I want to to take the risk.. | Bloglovin’ 

    1. They're such pretty shades, aren't they? <3 :) I've heard about some problems with shipping too, but fortunately mine went all really well. I think they're improving everything along the way: the ordering process is a bit different than it was when they started and I believe they've made some changes within the products too. :)
      Thanks for popping by girlie <3 xxx

  2. I would like Candy K but I just know that that would be too light for me, even if the swatch on my arm would show up as dark as yours. I would love to try the shade True Brown K though! Lucky you for being able to get your hands on this, it sells FAST!


    1. Aah I remember you saying something similar about the Stila liquid lipstick? But I'm sure True Brown K would look lovely on you! I would have loved to try it, but I know it would bee very dark on me and I wouldn't get as much use out of it as the ones that I purchased.
      They sell fast alright, but if you're there when they restock, it should all be good :)
      Hope you've had a lovely day Hannah <3 xxx

  3. I agree, whatever people want to do to their bodies, it is their own decision and not for me to judge. But even though my lips are quite thin, I don't see me getting injections anytime soon.
    Or these lip kits, for that matter. Do you really need a lip liner with them? I never use one with my other liquid lipsticks.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I too don't think I'd get injections anytime soon. I've actually once had three stitches on my upper lip, because of a gymnastics accident, and I can tell you the sewing part, even with local anesthesia, was pretty horrible! Ouch is all I'm saying :D
      I haven't actually yet tried the liquid lipsticks without the lip liners. But I must say at least applying is a lot easier with them :) xxx

  4. Candy k and koko k are so beautiful! I really want to get my hands on them but it really is so hard to order them online!
    Paula |

    1. They are so lovely :) and the quality is amazing too! :) xxx

  5. Replies
    1. Aww thanks girlie <3 They are pretty amazing :) xx

  6. You picked up the best colours! I am obsessed with a nude lip so I'm sooo tempted to invest- the import charges put me off though! I'm all for plastic surgery- I've had lip fillers and a nose job so my life motto is to do whatever makes you happy :)

    Claudia xx

    1. Thanks Claudia :) A nude lip is my fave too!
      I think it's good that people can change their body is they want to, and I want to believe not many of us would do so if it didn't make them happy. :) xxx

  7. i'm glad you received them!! i couldn't never do this process to get them!!XD

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

    1. Thanks Caterina :) hehe, t wasn't that hard really :D xxx

  8. You picked such gorgeous colours.. I waaaant them! I love your blog too by the way, would love to follow each other and stay in touch.. let me know! x

    1. Thank you Adele <3 I'll check out your blog right away :) xxx

  9. I've heard lots and lots about these, both good and bad, however I really liked your reviews, was really indepth xxx

  10. These are gorgeous, but I think that they got a bit too much hype.. I think there are gorgeous dupes out there, for a lot less money... I don't think I'd ever buy these, to be honest, but I really do think they're gorgeous.. You love your nudes, don't you :D Great post xx



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