Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My Fave Affordable Bold Lipsticks & life update

Hey chickpeas <3 My life has gone from holiday mode to superduper hectic in less than a week, which is the reason why I haven't been replying to comments, answering e-mails or anything else related to blogging. I'm sorry and I honestly miss my blogging routines, but please bear with me for a while. Some pretty big changes are about to happen in my life and they've come as quite a surprise to myself as well. Here's a quick explanation:

Me and my hubby both graduated this spring from uni and that naturally means a change. Goodbye studies and hello work and all that jazz! During the summer months I kind of let myself forget about all that as schools and such were obviously closed. Now that they're open again, I find myself in a situation with 3 interviews and, because my hubby already got a job, definitely a change of environment. We will be moving house closer to Helsinki. How soon, now that's a bit of a mystery, but probably in the next couple of months or as soon as we find something suitable. Flat hunting, here we come (and all the posts relating to it...OK, I'm getting excited)! Add me on snapchat (wellemma1) for daily updates :)

Now that life is hectic and unsure I thought, what better way to let myself relax a bit than to ramble on about my fave makeup: lipstick! Usually I'm an all natural, nude lips girl. Go check out my post on my favourite nude lipsticks for more info, but today I wanted to go bold. As I said, it's not something I wear everyday, especially in the summer, but autumn is getting closer (sorry for mentioning it guys, but honestly....I can't wait for all things autumnal!!) I felt the urge to go through my darker lipsticks and pick my faves at the moment.


These are some of my fave lipsticks of all time. I have these in three different shades (check out my post on them here) and the reason why I love them so much is that I don't like lipgloss. Sounds weird, but you see, these replace the need of lip gloss with their lovely shiny formula. Shimmery always means a little less pigmentation and it doesn't stay on forever. But the packaging is so pretty too that I don't mind popping this litte thing out of my handbag every once in a while.  The shade Sunbronze is a beautiful, warm and dark red. 


I don't think this would be a very factual post unless I mentioned this: the bold lipstick of all bold lipsticks.The one every girl should have in their makeup collection! It looks stunning on everybody, it's cheap and it has a nice scent to it. Perfection in other words. The shade is (incase there's somebody out there who hasn't heard about this) a dark berry red, it's very pigmented and it's matte. Matte lipsticks tend to be sometimes very drying on the lips, but I haven't had any problems with this one. Although I admit I always apply lip balm before any lipstick.


This beauty is a true red. Red as a red can be and as a bonus, it's super soft and pigmented! I think this is the best quality out of all of the lipsticks I'm showing you in this post. Generally Kiko as a brand is amazing and I think I honestly love everything I have from them. This lipsticks is no exception and I should totally use it more and I know what will be on my lips all autumn.


Orange red is so pretty and happy. It reminds me of Greek sunsets and other positive things in general. It's kind of a little different than just a basic red but looks just as stunning on the lips. Also ,what better way to watch the summer olympics in Rio than wearing a lipstick called Rio fever? ;) Pigmentation is again out of this world and the formula is soft on the lips, Looks good and feels good... all you need in a good lipstick!

What are your fave bold lipsticks?
Are more into bolds or nudes? 
Is the Rimmel 107 a yes or meh for you?

Love ya lots <3
Emma xxx


  1. I couldn't be more excited about the happy changes in your life, sweetie!! All is happening for the best! <3 You & the hubs will be so much more content closer to Helsinki and I'm sure you will find a perfect place for you both :) And I am always here for you when you need a chat or a little encouragement, you know that without me telling you, babes ;) Take all the time you need with blogging. Those who love you and enjoy your blog will not go anywhere. Just so you know, you're stuck with me :D
    Now, these lippies... wow, those shades are stunning. Loved the swatches so much! We are definitely on the same page because I blogged about this gorg lip palette yesterday. While I did tried most of these in different shades, I have never owned a KIKO lippy! Will pop into the KIKO shop next time I'm in Manchester :) Thanks for recommending that stunning shade of red.
    I am definitely in between bolds and nudes. I'd say I wear nude ones on a day to day basis and then go bold on special occasions or for no special reason haha.
    Hope you're having a super lovely week, hon! Love ya bunches!! <3 <3 <3
    xox Nadia

  2. YAY for moving, I seen that on your snapchat, you seemed so excited! That Maybelline lipstick is really really nice, I might need to go hunt that down, I have really been trying to be more brave and go for bolder shades so thank you for some recommendations, I love kiko too! such a good brand!
    Oh and LOVE the cat jeans. :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. The Rimmel Kate Moss shade is my favourite, such a gorgeous bold shade. I have yet to try Kiko, I always forget to order cause I always buy other things on my huuuuge wishlist but Kiko is always forgotten.


  4. Sounds like you have some truly exciting changes coming up, hun! Moving house can be a pretty big job, but once you get there and settle in, you will be happy, I hope. :) Graduating is a huge thing, congrats again hun and I truly hope that things settle down soon! :) <3 <3 Good luck to you and your lovely hubby. <3 Of course, I loved reading about your favourite lipsticks, hun - I'm totally in love with Kate's lippies so I'm happy to see that one got mentioned. :) I will be sure to check out the others, babe, that Max Factor one especially caught my eye - the shade looks absolutely gorgeous! <3 Love ya tons, hun. <3


  5. Congratulations on graduating & good luck with the job search!! Helsinki is actually one of my favourite cities, I visited when I was younger and loved it!

    These are all great choices, I can't believe how pigmented they are!! Just goes to show that you don't need to spend a lot for great makeup!!! Annd strangely enough I haven't tried that shade of Rimmel lipstick :O

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  6. I don't find the RImmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick to be *that* much of a big deal, there are a lot of similar shades in the market. I have my eyes on a few bold lippies from Maybelline, they're pretty affordable too and the formula feels like a lot of my high end lipsticks :D

    | www.noirettediary.com |


Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day<3 xxx

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