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Swing Workout Video

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post. Gosh... As I mentioned in that latest post of mine, I have a new job and because we're not getting the keys to our new apartment until the second week of September, me and my hubby are living at my parents house during the weeks. And we've been spending the weekends at our own flat in Turku mainly packing. So life has seriously been happening. But I promise I have been thinking of you chickpea babes every single day <3 I just haven't really had the energy to blog. But I'm hoping it will all get easier as I get into the routine more and more. 

My parents live in a small village. It's not too far away from the great facilites of Helsinki and Espoo, but for a quick workout, the gyms are kind of too far away. And that inspired me to think of a workout which you could do at home (or at the playground if you wish) without getting your hands too dirty! I called it the swing workout, because the only equipment I used was an actual swing in the garden. Fresh air, toning and fun there anything better?

You could choose to either read this post to learn more about the workout or scroll down and watch my video for a real time workout. Obviously doing both is allowed too :)

Warm up
Either go for a run before the workout or use the first movement of the workout as a warm up.

1. Tapping high knees x30

Stand in front of your swing. Lift your knee and tap the swing with your foot. For a higher impact do the movement quickly with jumps and for a lower impact leave the jumping out. 

2. Swing planks x10

Stand close to your swing and place your hands on the bench part of the swing. Keep your legs still and start pushing the swing forward as far as possible. Aim to lift your arms next to your ears and then return slowly back to the starting point.

3. Jump over the swing x12

Start again by standing behind your swing. Place your hands a little bit above your shoulders on the ropes of your swing, jump over it, let go of the ropes and jump 180 degrees to face the swing and start again.

4. Squats x12

This time stand in front of your swing. Squat down so far that your bottom slightly touches the swing and get back up again.

5. Lunges x10/leg
Stand in front of your swing, place one leg on the swing and take the other one forward. Start bending your front knee and go as low as possible. The instability of the back leg makes sure you use more muscles and that the movement is more effective than the original lunges on the ground.

6. Torso twist x20
Standing again in front of your swing, twist your torso and touch one rope of the swing with your opposite hand. Make sure your hips stay facing forward.

7. One legged squat x10
Similar to the basic squat, but in this movement you should lift your other leg up in front of your and keep it up in the air the whole time. This is a more difficult movement, so if you want more support, use your hands to pull yourself back up.

Remember to stretch after every workout. The focus of this workout is on the core and leg muscles so you should target your stretches on those part of your body too.

If you want to, you could repeat the workout from the top as many times as you wish. Remember to watch my video too! 

Let me know if you try my workout!
Do you have any tips on how to workout with no gym near by?

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Emma xxx



  1. I prefer doing workouts at home rather than the gym. I normally go for youtube videos like this too, that are sort of all rounders. Or I use the treadmill. Your video is really good! The only thing is that I don't unfortunately have a swing anymore, not that the one I used to have was any good! I don't have any grassy areas in my garden and it's a bit small, so you can't work with it much. Spacious gardens like this are lovely, especially to sit outside in Summer :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. YouTube workouts are just one of the best ideas ever, aren't they? :) you could also go do this at your closest playground, mind you I would go when there aren't too many kids around so that you actually have a swing to work on :D thanks for the comment <3 xx

  2. I am so so excited about this post & video, sweetie!! I honestly would LOVE to see more posts from you on all things fitness because you're in such amazing shape + a pro at it! <3 While I am a gym goer, I love a good at-home workout & using a swing is such a cool idea, darling :) I wish we had a garden and a swing there lol. Maybe when we move into our own home :D
    Sometimes time flies like crazy between blog posts!! I thought I was quite active recently and then realized there was a 1-week gap between my two recent posts lol. Life gets busy & it's OK. I am always sticking by you, girlie, and you know that <3
    xoxox Nadia

  3. So happy to see another post fitness post from you, babes! Sounds like you've had some busy times lately, I hope that things settle down soon and that you and your hubby enjoy your lovely new apartment! I hope you're doing well in your new job, also, be sure to drop me a message if you ever want to chat, babe. X x This sounds like such a fun workout, too! I'm more of a workout at home kinda girl but I'd love to try this! Thinking of you hun x x x x

    Shoes and Glitter


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