Friday, 23 September 2016

New season, new hair, new me!


Well hasn't it been a while. How are you all? Are you all excited about autumn? Because oh boy, I am!
I feel like no explanations of why I haven't posted are needed, I've kind of been on about it a lot before, so check out my older posts and youtube channel if you're new here and want to know more. :) What's important is that I'm back now, full of ideas and energy. Believe me, every day I was away from my blog, I missed it. And what made me want to come back so bad was you guys <3 Thank you for all the kind messages, tweets and e-mails you have sent me. I love you all so so much <3

So here we go, let's get on with todays post! I actually wanted to come and chat to you about my new look, because I recently went to the hairdressers and had a bit of snippedy snip happen. I was super nervous about it, because usually, when I seldom go to the hairdressers I come back home quite upset. Once I, with my very long hair, asked the hair dresser to cut it short but not so short that I couldn't have it all up in a pony tail. Well guess what happened... I left the place in tears. Another time, about a year ago, I was again about to cut my hair from very long to shorter. I sat into the scary hairdressers chair and before I had the chance to express what I wanted, the hairdresser said, that surely I didn't want to cut my lovely long hair shorter. Well, no, not after that comment haha. So I left the hairdressers with no change at all and felt like I had wasted my time.
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