Thursday, 17 November 2016

Three Things

I've seen this challenge around a lot in other blogs lately and thought it would be nice to do over here on my own one as well. If you're up for a little challenge, feel free to do this too :) The photos were taken last week when our back garden still looked like winter wonderland. Unfortunately wonderland melted away in less than a week, so I'm super glad I went and took these photos when I did. Hope you enjoy them too :)

3 things I like
Instructing fitness classes

3 things I don't like
Mean people
Washing up clothesor putting them back in my wardrobe. So instead I tend to have a floordrobe :)
Pink and red together 

3 things I did last weekend
Watched X-factor (Go Saara!!)
Took my bunny for a walk in the snow
Did a morning workout

3 things I can do
Touch my nose with my tongue
Make the bed every morning. It's a bit of an obsession.

3 things I can't do
Sewing or knitting
Play an instrument
Play playstation haha (except actually I once played a lot of Final Fantasy X... probably wouldn't know how to anymore though)

3 things I'd like to learn
Stand on my hands for more than 10 seconds
To instruct Sh'bam classes

3 things I should do
Plan lessons
Clean up the clothes on our bedroom floor
Stop picking my cuticles

3 things that stress me out
An unmade bed!!!
Our holiday in February, because we haven't decided where to spend it :D

3 things I often speak of
My fitness classes  (my snapchat is usually full of this :D)
The weather (lol how British of me)

Hope you enjoyed this little challenge and let me know if you do it too. It was honestly rather hard to think 3 things in some of the categories!

Have a lovely weekend chickpeas<3
Emma xxx

ps. I bet you tried touching your nose with your tongue earlier ;) 


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Lifesavers! - products I've used up & re-purchased

There's something very satisfactory in using a product to it's very end. That's how you know you've really loved the product and it was worth every single penny. Using a product for a really long time also makes me really sad when I finally have to throw it away. I like to cling on to the very last bits of products I love, even though I must admit using a powder that has just tiny strips of product at the edges of the container is a teeny bit frustrating and it makes you want to give up and just start a new product. But the pleasure of hitting pan is kind of multiplied when the whole bottom of the container is visible. I also have a love and hate relationship with almost used up shampoos. I have a thing for using them too to the very last drop, which often requires opening the bottle at the end, adding some water and washing your hair with diluted shampoo. Not the most pleasant way to wash your hair but I don't want to leave that last drop of product unused! It would be such a waste.

So here are a couple of things I've found worth re-purchasing.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

This stuff is just amazingly good. It's cheap, the shade Transparent basically suits anybody and it makes even my difficult and oily skin matte for quite some time. What more do you want from a powder? The packaging might not be the best as it doesn't come with a mirror and I almost always brake the lid at some point, so there's a big chance it might mess up your handbag if you're carrying it around. If Rimmel changes that, it would be perfection. Ofcourse, considering the cheap price, I don't want to complain too much, because the truth still is, that every time I buy a powder, this is what I go for. One container also lasts for ages! I use mine once or twice every day all around my face and I probably had the last one for a bit more than a year.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

For anybody who works hard and a lot, dark undereyes aren't exactly unknown. I think I'm also genetically cursed blessed with them, so thanks Mum and/or Dad! :D Luckily the world is full of concealers and I feel even luckier that I've found this product. I bought my first Radiance Reveal concealer last January and again, the product has lasted really long. In fact up until last week so that's a good 10 months or so. The shade Ivory is the most perfect shade for covering those nasty dark circles and it truly lives up to its name and gives radiance! I find that it stays on and put really nicely too. With some concealers I feel like I look like an old lady after the day is over, because they get into  even very fine lines and exaggerate  them. That doesn't happen with this one. The product smells of watermelon, which is a small bonus but obviously not a very important quality in a concealer. I will definitely continue using this and I'm so glad i already had a back up!

Urtekram Coconut Shampoo

If you watch my Youtube channel, you might remember me mentioning this in my September favourites. The product is an absolute bargain compared to how well it works and how good it is for your hair. It's made of natural ingredients so it has nothing extra and it smells mildly, but oh so nicely, of coconut. I also love the packaging, because it's white and neat. We live in a rental apartment which has horrible, very 90's-ish yellow walls and a floor, so as I can't change them, I'm making everything else in the room white (other than that, I'm really fond of our apartment <3). The bottle is also small enough to carry around if you need to (to the gym etc).

Have you tried any of these products?
Do you have any lifesaver products? Which ones do you always re-purchase?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend<3
Emma xxx

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