Sunday, 8 January 2017

Change and Taking the Next Step

Can you guys imagine how it feels when you only have two days left of your two week holiday and you find out there's a new season of Modern Family on Netflix? 

It's a similar feeling when you remember you haven't updated your blog in ages: feels bad man! Kind of. Because truth be told, I've had a wonderfully relaxing holiday and I've been very very happy. I've spent time charging my batteries, working out, sleeping late, reading good books and all sorts of other things you do on a long holiday. I even wrote a blogpost about a week ago, which unfortunately disappeared somewhere unknown because of the weak wifi. So I'm writing another one now. Don't worry though, the first one was just as rambley as this one is probably going to be. 

There is an actual reason why I wanted to have an honest chitchat right now. It's a new year and although I made no resolutions whatsoever (I checked the ones I made last year, and had forgotten about half of them... But in my defense, I had also succeeded in many of them) I have plans for the future of this blog. It's true that my autumn was crazy busy, my new job took most of my time and resources and as the days became shorter I also had less and less energy to do anything extra after work. But I still believe that if I truly love something, I will find time for it. I for example instruct fitness classes after my day job. Do I have time for it? Not really, but I make time for it, because it's one of my favorite things to do. So I think I had a bit of a problem with my blog.

I've been thinking about it long and hard and I think it's the content that has prevented me from writing. I've mainly written about beauty, clothes and a bit of everything else materialistic. I still love my makeup, shopping and my handbags but none of them really qualify as the one thing I actually love the most. I guess it's been kind of easy to write about them: I'm not an expert in fashion or beauty and so it's been easier to write about something I'm only learning about. I haven't felt obliged to know everything about them and so I'd have a ready defense should somebody have confronted me about something. Underachieving would be another good word for it.
I remember when I only dreamt of writing a blog or secretly wrote one. To write publicly has been an amazing experience so far and my blog has taken my self-confidence to a whole new woooooorld level but I think it's time to step up another level. I want to write about things I'm passionate about, things I have experience in and things I'll always want to know more about.

At the time, when I started my blog, makeup was important to me since I was preparing for my wedding and had decided to do my makeup for the big event myself. Oh boy was there a lot to learn! Thank God for Youtube and beauty blogs, I think it all went really well and I learned so so much! However, now that I'm happy with my makeup skills and certainly have a big enough collection to last me a lifetime or two, I feel like it's enough for me. This doesn't mean I'll never write about makeup in the future, I'll probably just write about it in a different context.

I want to take a slightly different direction with my blog. Even the name of my blog is more suitable for it. Wellemma - Well-Emma - Well-being... Do you see what I mean? Sports, fitness and working out have been very close to my heart starting from a very young age. I'm now a P.E. teacher and fitness instructor so my love for it just seems to have no limits. I suspect that one reason why I didn't want to write about it too much before was because it might start feeling like a necessity rather than something fun. But I've already turned it into a job so surely I can also blog about it? That's the plan anyways.

Long story short: I want to concentrate more on well-being, fitness, working out, healthy living, being ecological, helping people feel good and squat lower and just generally being happy. I have a lot more knowledge and experience to share with you like this. I already feel relieved and free as a bird being able to write this all down. Excitement levels are high and I hope you'll enjoy what I have planned for this blog of mine :)

So I guess I do have one resolution for 2017 after all: do what you love and love what you do. A huge cliché, but sounds good to me.

I hope you're doing the same <3
Love ya all!
Emma xxx


  1. I'm glad you're back Emma!
    I totally understand what you mean when it comes to feeling stuck when it comes to blogging. For me, I feel the opposite. Though I do write about fashion and beauty, I agree with not feeling like an expert...and yet...I feel like a fraud if I write and write about it but not knowing everything. I still love makeup too, but right now I'm halting buying anything right now because the wedding is in 2 and a half months and I've burned my wallet with the Christmas shopping and post-Christmas sales, EEK! And I don't know about what the future will hold for my blog, especially after I get married and I won't be able to spend as much. I want to be responsible for Cecilio and I. I still will splurge but not as much as now. I'll probably talk more about married life, what it's like to be moving out, etc.
    I am glad you are going to post more about fitness-related stuff! I love seeing your Instagram stories when you're teaching classes! It inspires to me to get my butt off the seat, move and have fun! I am so looking forward to hearing more and I am so so happy you are resuming <3


    1. Hey Hannah <3 thank you so much for the lovely comment! I totally agree with you. I too love my makeup, ofcourse I do. But I just feel like I've reached some kind of a limit with what I have to say about it. But this new direction was so right for me and the minute I published this post I felt kind of free!
      Posts about married life etc would be amazing girlie :) and yes please about the wedding itself! I'm crazy about weddings, they're the best <3 lots of love hon, happy weekend <3 xxx

  2. That's good hun to focus on something you love, and you clearly do - I watch your snapchat and you live in your sports gear! I love watching how active you are - even if it makes me feel bad for not doing it myself, but maybe reading your posts will give you a shuv I need :D

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Thanks girlie <3 Haha fitness leggings do seem to be my fave thing to wear :D Hopefully I'll be able to inspire <3 Thanks for the lovely comment and I hope you're having a fab weekend <3 xxx

  3. I'm glad you're back. I absolutely love your writing and I also charged my batteries during the holidays back home, which felt so great!!

    I'll read through the rest of your posts now!

    have a wonderful evening & maybe you'd like to stop by my blog too!
    ❥ Vicky | The Golden Bun - Instagram TGB-

    1. Thanks Vicky <3 You put a huge smile on my face :) I'll check out your blog asap <3 xxx

  4. You go girl! Love your sport gear



    1. Thanks girlie, Adidas is the best :D <3

  5. Lovely to see your back with a different outlooks, I look forward to reading your future content!

    Lauren x

    1. Thanks lovely <3 so glad to hear that. Hope you're having an amazing weekend xxx

  6. I'm SOOOO excited to see your new content on wellbeing because that's my favourite sort of blog stuff to read :) I also want to say well done for taking this step and changing your content because it can be scary :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. I'm so SO happy to hear that Marianne<3 thank you for the lovely support girlie. Hope you have an amazing week xxx

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Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day<3 xxx

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