Friday, 20 January 2017

How to stick to your goals and stay motivated

It's no secret that gyms and fitness classes are packed up at the beginning of the year. There are loads of resolution makers on the move and each and every one of them wants to be fitter this year. For some reason though, the crowds are gone by the time summer starts. It takes some effort to stick to goals and the only person who can decide to reach for them is you. You can hire as many personal trainers as you like, and for sure they can help you in many ways (getting you to do your workout, planning workouts for you, even giving you meal plans). But you need to decide to stick to those plans and do something about them.

When it comes to fitness goals, reaching them is honestly more often a mental issue than a physical one. Our bodies have an amazing amount of energy and strength (even mobility and flexibility can partly be affected by the mind), only using them might not feel good at the beginning, if you're not used to it. And that is where your mind jumps in. It takes determination, patience and faith in what you're doing to reach a fitness goal. Our bodies don't change overnight and the only guarantee that you're on your way to a healthier lifestyle might be the sweat after a workout. But as goals are mainly a mental matter, there are ways to trick and remind the brain to go, do and finish off that workout you're supposed to do.

1. Sweat with a smile on your face. Find a fun way to exercise, because we're all different and there are other ways to be active than going to the gym or running. It has got to feel good to do you good.

2. Every second, step or movement takes you closer to your goal. Don't leave it to 7 reps if you were supposed to do 8. Because it does make a difference.

3. Publish your goal. There's nothing like a bit of group pressure. Write it on your facebook wall or start a blog.

4. Make it a part of your everyday life. Write your training plan and workout days in your calendar and diary.

5. Have a training buddy. If you don't want the whole world to know about your goal, tell somebody. You don't have to train together and you might even have different goals, but to be able to chat to somebody about the progress will help along the way.

6. Be realistic. There's nothing as frustrating as reaching for something that's out of your reach. Dream big, but make sure you have smaller goals too to go for. Ticking off enough small goals, will eventually get you to your big dream.

7. New workout gear. I'm pretty sure this works for many people. Buy something you feel good and comfortable in. It will boost your confidence and make you want to go do that workout.

8. Remind yourself, why you're doing it. Everytime you need a push, take a deep breath and just remind yourself what the outcome is going to be. Ask youself: why did you come to this fitness class? Why are you going for a run? And when you feel that burn in your muscles, you know something is happening and you are getting closer to that goal of yours.

9. Starting is the hardest part. Whether it's about starting a whole new hobby or starting that weekly workout, once you get over that hard point, you're already a winner. Leaving the comfy sofa back home and getting you're bum off of it is very often the right time to remind yourself why you're doing it.

10. Be sure to have a goal that makes you happy. Don't try to please anybody else, because this should definitely be all about you. Also make sure your goal is something you really want. By this I mean that you should think for a second or two if it's really the big abs you want or is it maybe general well-being. Both are good goals, but if you're working on making your abs show, you might not actually be contributing to you general wellness. And then again, if you're working on improving your health, your body will very likely also transform at the same time.

Finally I would like to say that the following sentence is very true:
  "I regret that workout", said no one ever. 
Keep that in mind.

I hope you all have a happy, energetic and active weekend lovelies<3
Emma xxx


  1. Yes, i so need to get back to working out for real and going to the gym!


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