Monday, 9 July 2018

Becoming a BodyCombat instructor

BodyCombat is one of my all time favourite group fitness classes. I remember how I went to my first ever class thinking I'd look and feel completely out of place because of my gymnastics/ballet background. I probably wasn't completely wrong about looking nothing like a bodycombater (although who really cares about that?) but the moment the music started I was into it. 

Incase you're not familiar with the concept, BodyCombat is a group fitness class created by a company called Les Mills. It's inspired by martial arts and in the class you get your heart rate up by doing punches, kicks and jumps to the beat of uptempo music. It's a great cardio workout and also an amazing way to destress. 

The fantastic thing is, if you've tried the class, perhaps have been going back to the classes for some time already and find that you fall deeper in love with it every time, you can become an instructor. It's possible for anybody who is interested. All you need is a free weekend, possibly a bit of an investment and of course loads of enthusiasm. 

I had been going to BodyCombat classes since 2013 until last summer I finally got the chance to participate in the Initial Training course, which lasted for one weekend. It was honestly one of the hardest but also most rewarding weekends of my life. I was challenged physically and mentally but enjoyed learning everything so so so much! 

For the course I had to prepare myself by learning one track of the latest release and instruct it to others three times during training. The first time was basically practice, after which the master trainer gave feedback on what to improve. I remember going home that evening feeling absolutely exhausted of all the training but still found the energy to practice even more. It's funny how far mere willpower takes you. The next two times were properly assessed and if you did well enough you passed the whole course. There were people with so many different backgrounds - others had instructed fitness classes for ages and others had never instructed anything. But with hard work, we all passed the course :) 

To pass the course was only the first step in becoming an instructor. After that the actual training begun. I got my own weekly class and also shadow instructed with others a few times. Two months after the course I had to send a video of one of my BodyCombat classes for the master trainer to analyze. I got good feedback and was finally officially a licenced BodyCombat instructor. 

The next step would be to participate in an Advanced Instructor Module, which I hope to be able to do next year. Before that I have something else very exciting and BodyCombat-related happening in my life and I will be telling about it very soon! 

Emma xxx


  1. I'm glad you're blogging again!! I would love to try Body Combat. I'm doing barre/Ballet Beautiful right now and there's a few Tae Bo workouts I found on Youtube (which may be similar to Body Combat) and I so want to do them for fat loss but I don't have enough time! Keep posting, I need to stay motivated health and fitness wise :)

    Hannah the Mad Dog


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